Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


14. Chapter Fourteen

I sat, staring at him. 'Plotting our own demise'. The words were so strong and such...the  opposite of what I-and everyone else would expect. I bit my lip, staring at the wood table.  My fingers tinkered with a strand of hair that fell over my eyes. We sat in silence. I wondered what Gran would say- and my mother when she found out that the ones they hated the most-in the world that they hated the most was all falling to pieces around them. 

Bo sat, sitting next to me, sprawled out and staring at me silently. His eyes were thinking and solid. And...stunning. I looked up at him, eyebrow raised. The heat of his eyes on me sent flutters in my stomach. Warmth. 

"What?" I asked,knowing the reason he was looking at me, but not wanting to say it aloud. Waiting for him to make the first move. "Do I have food in my hair?" 

"Yes." Smiled Bo, my face suddenly went blank. 

"What?" I asked, touching my head, worriedly. 

"Ha!" He said, grinning his grin. Then he leaned in close and said "I lied." I rolled my eyes and he leaned in closer and I could feel his breath on my lips. "Can you believe that I lied?" He teased

"Yes." I said, feeling heat rush into my face and pulling my head back some. He leaned close to me, him nearly leaning on top of me. 

"Really?" He asked, knitting his eyebrows together "That hurts." I grinned  and he leaned his face closer to mine. His lips connected with mine and he kissed me. Again. For the third time. After what seemed like a few seconds we heard the creaking of a door and a yelp. I shot back from Bo, looking down at the ground. I took a small glance up and saw Finn. He grinned, his hand over his heart

"Oh my god!" He said at first then he looked at me. "Dear brother!" He said speaking to Bo "Already? It's been a day?" Then he looked at Bo "Don't answer that." He said. 


Some time later, when dinner occurred, I sat between Bo and Finn-who was a tad late, as they both seemed very insistent on sitting next to me, which sent me some glares from other girls. All of the Kings then stood up and stood in the space behind me. I turned in my chair to see what was going on. 

"So!" Said Finn, enthusiastically "A game while we're in the First Competition." He said "Umm... We've sorted you all in groups and were going to talk to you all and have a scavenger hunt and it'll be fun and then some people will get eliminated. We will have 14 people left by the time this ends." He said, knitting his eyebrows together. Then Bo, stepped forward, piece of paper in hand and began to read names. 

"With Si...King Silas,"He said correcting himself "Is..." He interrupted himself "By the way there are 20 of you. At first-before elimination there was 41. We sentenced one-incredibly chatty one- to death. At least you got this far." he said "Okay back to business! With King Silas is Brittanica, Sandy, and Zahra?" He asked he pronounced it 'Zah-rah'. No response "With Finn is Florence, Pippi and Veronica. With Griffin is Hanna and Nuru and Nora. Izaiah has Stella, Kiera and Scarlett. Jasper has Evelyn, Emma and Ezzie-Oh my." He said blandly "All 'E' names. Soren has Isabelle, Vera and Dorothy and I have Eliza and..." He took a dramatic break "Liv!" He said pleased. I'm not sure whether to be pleased or incredibly scared. I go with both. "Teams-UP!" Said Bo loudly as girls stood up and went to the King they were assigned to and they left with them. I looked at Bo. Eyebrow raised 

"You did this on purpose."

"I'm the youngest. I get the least girls. Might as well take the ones who I even remotely like. You are...mostly pleasant." I grinned at him as he sat on the table. The room was empty aside from the three of us. Eliza scooted closer from her chair at the opposite end of the table. 

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