Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


4. Chapter Four

We were led out of the Throne Room, by Gangly man, who introduced us to him as Culus,and he led us down random hallways, that I should probably remember, but everything was just bouncing off of me- to get to somewhere and told us that we were going to have fun. My shoulders slouched some more. Why was I in? I was disrespectful and rude and... everything Gran said to be. If I wasn't going to get in. And I got in. Even though Gran...I didn't want to end up like her...My eyes closed, and I put my hands to my temples.  

I stopped walking as I realized that Culus' voice wasn't bobbing up and down the hallways anymore, we weren't even in a hallway anymore, we were in a large room, with large dark wooden tables, throughout the center of the room, chairs  around the table. Culus' voice was more of just echoing. I leaned against the nearest wall and tried to concentrate as more noise filled the place we were in. I put my face in my hands. Why was I here? I closed my eyes and started rubbing my temples, trying to absorb something. Anything. At all. 

 A light hand touched my shoulder. I opened an eye turned my head a bit. It was King Bo. We were in a large hall with a large oak table down the center. All of the Kings were there. Talking. Socializing. Noise blast. I dug my shoulder deeper into the wall, trying to stay upright. 

"Are you okay?" he asked.I was mute "Because if you aren't and you turn out to be weak Sil will be very mad at us." He stated simply. I blinked several times. The seventh king was still standing in front of me. I looked at him. Messy brown hair, unlike his brothers though he had what seemed to be the same beautiful brown eyes, but when inspected up close actually happened to be a winter-y gray. I held my breath. Closed my eyes and breathed deeply. Finally I opened them, and he was still there, still caring, and for some reason that made me very bitter. I nodded and grimaced. 

"Tell me whats wrong." He said, sharply. Why was he still here? At that moment I decided that I despised his guts. 

"Noise. Overload." I said, trying to make it sound sharp, but in reality, that was all I could say. My mouth didn't want to make anymore words. If it did, I would most likely wind up dead. 

"Come." He said, and lightly touching my back, led me out of the large hall and down some corridors and into a room. I looked up from the ground. And gasped. My vision started to have holes in it. 

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