Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


40. Chapter Forty

"Why are you following me?" I asked, as we walked down the corridor "I literally just said I was going to bathe- at your persistence might I add!"

"I just want to hang out in your room!" Bo said, his hands raised in a way that suggested innocence. "Also, " He said, "I am very glad I "persisted" you bathe, you stink. Literally." 

"I don't know if its just me, but this seems kind of weird." I said ignoring that last bit but also remembering what old King Isaac said. You need someone who will get them and hurt them because its their job! Not someone who will be sleeping with the King they need to protect! "Even for us."

"Liv, its not a big deal. And besides," He said, grabbing my hand and coming to a halt. " I'm not going to look."

"But what if we're going to fast?" I asked. "Its been less than a week." Bo sighed and looked at me, his eyes saying that we had this conversation already, "And somehow I'm already intertwined with all this..." I hesitated and mentally debated where or not I should say 'murdering your father'. I decided against it. "Stuff. The competition is over, its been six days and we are very close."

"It's a good relationship," Bo said ,"If you want things to be slower-okay. But you are a friend. A very close friend and you know that. They know that. I like you and you like me. And we- in these past 6 days have had some very good times together."

"We have." I admitted as we started to walk again, "We've also kissed, " I paused for a moment. " A lot." 

"Precisely!" Bo said, "And as far as I can tell," he said, smiling. "We like each other." 

"Just a little," I said, pinching two of my fingers together and laughing. 

"Yeah, " Bo said. We reached my room. We both waited a moment. "Can I... come in?" I inhaled slowly, then exhaled. Suddenly, why was I being much less...easy going.  I mean sometimes easy going is good and sometimes it was bad. Was this one of the bad things?

"Just don't peek. You can be on the bed." I pushed the door open and walked in, Bo following me, then he jumped on the bed, and looked at me, arms crossed behind his head and he grinned sheepishly.  I walked into the bathroom and turned the hot water nozzle on the tub, I then walked out and dug around in the dresser, now full with clothes, since I would be here for eternity. I pulled out a fresh pair of black clothes- clothes I had;t realized were there, and new under garments.

"There's going to be a party in a few days." Bo said, calmly from the bed. I turned to look at him, my arms nearly full. 


"A party." Bo said, "You know, dancing, food, conversation, actual people."

"I know what a party is," I said irritably, "But why."

"For the end of the competition of course!" 

"Its a party," I said, struggling to grasp the concept of the party, "Celebrating that fact that we" I said, pointing to my self in a circular motion that I hoped expressed all of us, " are now your body guards for the rest of our lives?"

"Yes, " Bo said, "But since you phrase it that way, it doesn't sound as nice." I went to the bathroom and dropped the fresh clothes on the floor. I closed the door and turned the faucet off, then I stripped and slowly, I stepped into the hot bath tub, the water scaled my feet but it felt good and I could practically feel the dirt peeling off.  

"You'll be attending too, of course." Bo shouted from the other side of the door. I sat down in the tub and turned into a statue, allowing the heat to coat me. "But you just have to stay close to me," I sounded so simple when he said it, obviously, I would of, but a sense of duty seemed to be a lot. "And if anyone tries to attack me- or kiss me, yo just fend them away."

"I can't tell if your being sarcastic." I shouted and leaned my head back into the water. 

"Your family is invited, of course." Bo shouted. My eyes snapped open. 

"Really?" I shouted to him, excited. I would see Gran! And mother! And the boys! And after that, I probably wouldn't see them all for a very long time. The thought saddened me. 

"Yes," the Competition is for you after all." 

"But It's mostly for you and your brothers," I shouted back, "After all, you seven are the supreme rulers of a quarter of the world!" 

"Magnolia of the West is coming too!" 

"Really?" I asked, amazed and I quickly dunked my head under water, clenching my eyes shut. The heat of the water felt really good.

"Yes.: Bo shouted back. We fell into silence. 

"What do you think Maro is going to talk to us about later?" I asked him. I could almost hear him shrug. 

"I have no idea. Probably your duties and rules. Maybe some more fighting." I sighed. 

"I'm sore already." I complained. 

"I'm not!" Bo replied, energetically. I rolled my eyes and started to hum to myself. I took some soap and I washed my skin and hair. I lounged in the water until I was extra prune-like and until the water was frigid. Then I stood, took a towel and dried off. I hugged myself in the towel for around 7.25 minutes, until I decided to stop procrastinating, and I then slowly put on my socks and underwear. The sports bra and the new shirt. They all fit strangely well. I tugged on my pants and opened the door. Then I kicked my shoes out. I looked at my bed.

Bo was lying in the center, taking up most of the space, his eyes closed and looking peaceful. I wanted to go lay next to him, so I did.I plopped onto the bed happily and my eyes closed. 

"How do the clothes fit me so well?" I tiredly asked Bo, my lips barely moving with sudden exhaust. 

"You were measured." Bo murmured back, "Also you had to fill out a sheet before you came here stating your size.

"Do sizes have anything with getting in?" I asked

"No, " Bo said, I could tell his eyes were still closed. "That wouldn't be helpful." He turned to me for a response but my eyes were glued shut.  All I managed to do was groan in response and I felt him tug to towards him. I drifted into sleep. 

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