Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


41. Chapter Forty One

Bo shook me awake to quickly. I groaned.

"You sleep a lot." Bo said, loudly, his face close to mine. I opened one eye and saw his scarily close to me. I swatted his face away from mine. He smirked and stood up.  "And you are late for training." I shot up and practically jumped out the door. I ran to the Dining Hall, where we seemed to always meet. It was empty. I stood, paralyzed at the door. I took a few steps in the room. A few moments later, Bo strolled into the room, laughing. 

"Where is everyone?" I asked, panicked. Bo grinned and laughed. A moment later, I scowled at him.  "I'm not late- am I?" 

"No, you are." Bo said. My eyes widened in surprise. "But so are they." 

"How?" I asked. "What? Why? Bo-what?"

"That was a lot of words, and most of them were questions." 

"They were all questions!" Bo shrugged it off. "Why is "everyone late"" I asked, using the finger quotations.

"Well..." Bo said, looking around the door suspiciously. "They're not." 

"So..." I said, prompting him.

"We are actually early and I lied about us being late. Both times."

"I figured." 

"No you didn't." 

"Okay, well maybe I believed you the first time." 

"And the second time." 


"Yes, you did." I was saved a response by Finn, who walked in. I sighed in relief. 

"We're going to have a meeting tomorrow." Finn said, as he came close to us. 

"They have training all day." Bo said."It'd seem suspicious if we took Liv for a while." Finn groaned. 

"Are you saying that we have to have meetings with everyone else, just to make it not seem suspicious." 


"At least there are only seven of us." I said, "Not 14 or 40 or whatever number there was."

"But I don't like talking to people."

"You talk to people everyday." Bo said plainly. "And you like it. Everyone can tell that you do."

"So?" Finn asked. " Because I want to, not because I'm forced to."

"You don't have to say anything." Bo said, rolling his eyes. 

"But I do." Finn said, dragging out the 'o'. Right then, Silas walked in. "Si," Finn complained. "If we have to talk to a lot of people tomorrow." 

"Yeah,"  Silas said, his voice suggested that he was already two steps ahead of Finn. He waited a moment, before his face twisted with confusion. "Its only seven." 

"Its people." Said Finn, glowering. 

"What are you talking about?" Soren said as he walked in through the kitchen. "You love people." Finn scowled. 

"Says who?" He dared.

"You." Soren said, "The other day you walked into my room and said 'I LOVE people'." He threw his arms out to the side as if he were hugging the air, imitating Finn. 

"Where's the proof?" 

"Shut up, Finn." Silas said, hiding a smile. "You enjoy talking to people and making them uncomfortable. Just accept it." 

"Okay," Finn said, holding out a finger to silence everyone else. I bit my lip to stop smiling. "I may enjoy doing that. A lot. But that doesn't mean that I like people." 

"You are an extrovert." Bo said, amused. "You like people."

"Oh, hush you all." Finn said, smiling coyly. "I understand you All pay attention to me, but I simply can't marry any of you, even though I am very flattered of all your attention." He pursed his lips together, raised his eyebrows, and made his eyes wider as he was doing the impression. I chuckled aloud. Jasper stuck his head in the room from the kitchen.

"Is Finn behing nicer?" 

"Much." I said, laughing. 

"That's good. Finn you were being miserable."The room quieted. I heard Bo suck in a breath from next to me. I looked at Bo, then at Finn then at Bo again. 

"Good." Finn said finally, breaking the silence. "You probably deserved it." He and Jasper started throwing comebacks at each other. I turned to Bo in the loudness of the conversation. 

"What's going to be talked about in the meeting tomorrow?" I asked. Bo looked down at his feet. 

"How we are going it." he said quietly, "how to do this entire revolution things too." 

"Thats a lot." I put my hand on his shoulder sympathetically. "And isn't it pretty late to be thinking about that part now."

"Well," Bo said defensively. " We took all that time thinking how to get the people on our side." 

"And then I came and helped you." I said.

"I dragged you ." Bo said informatively. "You didn't just come." 

"Whatever. Details." I said with a blasé tone.  "Finn does't have to write a letter then." I said, moving towards the table and then sitting in a chair. Bo sat in one next to me so we faced each other, the tips of our knees touching. I was sitting with my arms resting on my knees. Bo was sitting one of his arms was resting over the head of the chair, the other loosely on his knee. 

"If we are going to see Gran," I said, "We Finn doesn't have to write a letter. We'll see her in two days and I'll be there to convince her. She will agree." I said, sounding more confident as I spoke. Bo moved to go tell Finn. I grabbed his shirt and forced him to stay. "Don't tell him, " I said mischievously grinning.  "Wait until tomorrow." 

"They day after that is the party, he would of already written it..." He faded off, understanding the plot. Grinning, he said, "Liv, that's not very nice." 

"So?" I asked, "It'll probably be hilarious."

"Yeah." Bo said, agreeing. "It will be."

"Good." I said smiling devilishly.  A bell rang from behind us. "Dinner." Bo said, looking at me, his eyes sparkling. "We have an announcement." He moved away again and once more I grabbed his shirt. 

"What this time?" 

"How long was I asleep?" I asked, "It seems it was lunch." Bo shrugged and walked away, pulling his shirt from my grip. Five other people poured into the room, then another came a moment later. They all sat down, and we looked at the Kings standing in front of the cabinet on the left of the room. 

"We have an announcement." Bo repeated, this time to everyone. He grinned deviously at me. I gulped. 

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