Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


5. Chapter Five

I closed my eyes once more, not wanting to have to rely on King Bo. 

"Are you okay?" He asked once more, leading me and pushing me down, so I was sitting. "You can tell me. I'm not like my brothers." I had no idea what that meant. We sat in silence. My thoughts were rushing around my head, twirling and the silence gave me time to think, and get my anger boiling inside of me. "You can tell me." He said once more. That was it. A red light snapped on inside of my head and I could basically see the smoke pouring out of my ears, and the siren going off. I shot up, feeling dizzy at first and turned to King Bo.  

"Why am I here." I asked, a scary calm going over me. "My whole goal was to not get in. What did I do wrong?" I started to scream. I flinched on the inside, but the anger had taken over my voice, leaving my brain to regret, and I just kept talking. Screaming. In anger. I looked at him, pity for him. He was looking at me, flinching occasionally at my voice, at my harshness. His eyes met mine, and a slight-incredibly slight, softness took his face. I guess my eyes held what I was really thinking. When my voice stopped coming out of my mouth, and my mouth just moved emptily, he waited til I was completely done. When I was, I felt faint.

I sat back down on the bench he had led me to, and I scooted as far away from him as possible. 

We sat in silence. I was staring at the room we were in. A library. Of the grandest kind. My love for books was overwhelming. I had a hard time not flying over to the rows of books and living there. I looked away, not deserving to see or read the paper lovelies, I sat thinking about my mistake. How I will most likely now get killed. After that, I think I would accept my own death. Invite it too. Accept it with open arms. Put the weapon to my own head and perhaps even push it. 

"Why do you hate the Competition?" He finally asked, his voice calm and slightly infuriating, he looked over at me. I stared ahead as I said. 

"My Gran was a Competitor. She made it to the second round before getting eliminated." I said, and stopped. I could feel his eyes, staring holes into my head. 

"Did she...die?" His voice was hesitant, and caring. I nearly laughed at that.

"If she did I wouldn't be here today would I? My Gran- my mom's mother. 16-20. That's not allowed." I chuckled slightly. 

"The what happened?" He asked, his voice pressing, and calming, and reminded me of autumn  and sleep and winter and reading. 

"She left with a child in her womb, and no money, no care, nothing-to raise it with." I said. My voice slightly breaking. "I have been told time and time again the the Competition would be trouble." King Bo was silent. 

"Your grandmother left the competition pregnant?" He asked, his voice amazed. I looked over to him, my gaze steady. And nodded. We kept eye contact a bit longer, until I could feel the blood rush into my cheeks and looked away. When he looked at me, it seemed like he was staring into my soul. Into my deepest thoughts. We sat in silence some more before he asked, staring at the book shelves, in which I was also staring at. 

"And recommendations?" 

"I doubt they'd be here." 

"Hmm. We'll just have to see."


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