Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


11. Chapter Eleven

'I soar

Because life runs

And screams echo

And silence

And when war fights

And Death falls

I fly

And Ignore'


From the Walls of King Bo- the Seventh King 

"I Soar"

His poem is so beautiful...So stunning.... and time to face the hard truth-so sobering, So true. I stare at it a while longer and when I realize that the other two aren't looking with me, its a long time after they walked away. I forced myself to turn. But before I did that I stared. I memorized each flourish of his blue pen. Each curve of a letter. Each word. And only then did I walk away. I turn around to see Bo, lying on his back, sprawled across his bed. Eliza is sitting against the wall opposite from me. 

Quietly, I sit on the corner of his bed. My back is to his face, and I am sitting upright, my legs crossed. I stare into nothingness. No one says a word. I can hear Bo quietly breathing behind me. I hear the occasional rustling of Eliza's hair on the walls and to squeaks as Bo moved a bit. And my nothingness. I am doing nothing. Nor is anyone else. 

I feel hands touch my waist, and wrap around my hips. And I can't breath evenly. I feel him pull back. I am gently pulled onto my back and towards him. We are nearly face to face. The only sounds we made were some rustling.  We are nearly nose to nose. I am out of breath. Suddenly, ruining the moment in a very Bo-like of way he says 

"You smell." I take a deep breath

''It's your shirt." 

"And I think it looked better on me." he says.  I turned onto my back, looking up at his white ceiling.

"Your autolatry." I say, unbelievingly. "Just to vain to admit." 

"Ahh, bringing out the big words are we, Little Miss Sesquipedalian" I roll my eyes at him. 

"So mature.'' mutters Eliza from the ground as she stands up and exits the room. We lie in silence for a while. Until he rolls over on his side and flicks my nose.

"You have a cute nose." He says detached. 

"Are you drunk?" I asked, for what I'm sure is the second time today, and just like before he acts all offended. 

"Of course not!" He says indignantly. I roll my eyes.  And just then we hear a bell. 

"Lunch." He whispers. His voice is rasping and low in my ear. I get off of his bed, and stand at the foot of it where he stands. I look at his face, a bit above mine and I'm about to say "Race you" but that never happens. Instead he leans his face slowly to mine and kisses me gently. My legs begin to feel numb and detached and my insides feel warm as he hand reaches for my back. And then he pulls away from me. And I stand there, not exactly sure what to do, what to think.  

"Yes." Said Bo, answering an unspoken question "We do have to go. I know that this time have been wonderful with all of our insults and all that jazz but we have also been gone for maybe a hour, and my brothers will be disappointed and you are in the first competition." 

"What exactly is the first competition?" I asked. Bo smiled a tight smile. 

'I'll tell you later." He says just as we hear the second bell.

"Race you!" I say, bolting to the door, and opening it and Bo, holding it open as I go one way. I can hear that Bo is behind me. 

"Wrong way!" He shouts as I make a wrong turn, I turn the other way. We are late and that most likely isn't good. I see the two familiar door and push them open widely and turn around quickly to see if Bo is behind me and his is so I turn forward and walk ahead. Forgetting that I opened the door already and the doors slammed into my face. Knocking me backwards. I hit the ground with a thunk and I held my nose, which was bleeding. 

Bo grins above me."You bring a whole 'nother meaning to clutz." He said. Grinning like a maniac. By then my blood is spilling over my fingers about to spill on my...Bo's shirt. I rush up, feel some pain in my face and rush into the dining hall, where everyone is eating and of all the King's I make eye contact with they are all suspicious of me I clamp another hand over my nose, and hurry next to Eliza, who is staring at my like I grew a beak. She is sitting at the other end of the table from King Silas, though on the left seat, and there is an empty seat next to her. 

"Can I sit here?" I squeaked and Eliza just glared at me. What did I do wrong? So I rushed around the table, I could feel the blood dripping down my wrists, to the single chair at the opposite end. "Can I sit here?" I asked, squeaking once more. The King- King Izaiah, the fourth, who spoke to me last night nodded, cautious. I sat down heftily in the chair and nearly face planted into my rolled napkin before I decided that that might hurt , and before I could move my hands, the napkin was behind unrolled and handed to me. "Thank you." I said, my mouth being blocked by the napkin. The noise produced then shallow. 

"Livia was it?" Asked King Izaiah. 

"Liv." I corrected him, folding my napkin in half to begin another side of it. Right then, just out of nowhere, a magical trumpet played (or that might've been from blood loss) and the wooden doors opened and in pranced King Isaac. Who was the seventh King, but whose 6 older brothers died and so thereforth he was the First King. And in some twisted way, my grandfather. Mom was an only child. The only child of Gran and the King. 

I stiffened at him. As the doors were mostly opened and he mostly through the door he looked at the back of the doors. 

"Is this blood?" He asked, I lowered in my chair. King Izaiah, glancing at me. "And on the floor too?" He asked. I looked completely down. I could feel that Bo was giving on his his stunning half grins and usual eyebrow raising. King Silas, next to me at the head of the table, shoots me a glare as well.  I look down, hoping the napkin blocks my face. The girls across from me are glaring at me as well. King Isaac, looks away, confused and walks down the steps and gives King Silas a smack on the shoulder and mutters something in his ear. King Silas mutters a response. King Isaac nods and prances out of the room. Food is served and the person to my right is elbowing me. King Izaiah, he touches my hand, under the table, leaving something there. A note. I look down, under the table at it. 

        'Liv, I would really appreciate it if once lunch was over, when everyone leaves if you wait outside the door and it would be nice if you were the last person and you close the door? King Meeting. Top Secret. No spilling. I'd say sorry, but then again. I'm not.

      -I'd say 'WithMuchLove', but it doesn't really fit--does it?


I look up at him from below the table. He winks at me and goes back to talking to the person across the table from him, whom I can't see. King Izaiah nudges me again, holding his hand out. He wants to read it. I pass it to him and he takes a moment to look under the table before giving it back to me. 

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