Liv waits for her turn to be judged by the Kings. Her life depends on the choices of the 7 kings. Whether she would live. Or die.


8. Chapter Eight

I awoke to another bell, and I opened my eyes. Wishing to be back asleep. my dream was so nice. Of being home.In  State 8 with my brothers and mother and with Gran. We were all happy and dancing at one of those very occasional joy parties, that happened every once and a while to make people happy from their depressing lives. I lay on the bed for a few more minutes before painfully hauling myself up and I exited the room, wondering If i'll find it later and how I will find breakfast. I don't have to go far because the room that they led me to happened to be correct. Girls were streaming out of their rooms and gathering in the halls and chatting up a tornado, and slowly they made their way down the halls and I followed them. A few steps behind. They didn't notice me at first but when they did they laughed at me. 

Since when were people so mean?  I fell back further behind them, and as I stopped walking I felt someone bump into me. "Sorry." came the foreign quiet response. It was the quiet girl. I guess she wasn't  from the states because she had a non-States accent. Lilting and pleasant, like a rare untouched meadow. With flowers and flies. I looked at her. Her fire-y red hair that flowed wildly, and her deep green eyes. I held out my hand. 

'Liv." She took my hand and said in return 

"Eliza." Her hand was warm and inviting. She was small and quiet and bright and stunning. 

"So now what?" I ask, looking ahead at the bratty blonde girls, who were sashaying down the corridor. Then I looked at her. Her dull gray pants and lighter gray shirt.

"Now, we compliment each other." She said after a moments of thought, where she scrunched up her face in concentration. 

"I like your hair." I said. 

"I like yours too." She said. "And I like your eyes. They remind me of grass." I felt myself blush a little. I wasn't very impressive to look at.  I had been told that enough times. When I was compliemented, it felt unnatural. With my dark brown hair that was the opposite color as my  bright green eyes that didn't fit on my face, and its mousy-ness and how I was a tall girl, and how I was not very impressive. A light splatter of freckles on my face and my lips were too thin. 

"Your hair reminds me of fire." I say.

"So I'm told." She says with a laugh in her voice. We hear the bell ring again. 

"First bell to say eating soon, second to say sit down." I say. She looks at me. 

"Where did you learn that?" 

"King Bo." I say. "We better hurry so we don't get Eliminated." 

We rush down the corridors, and make a few wrong turns, where in each one, Eliza stiffles a little string of curses and I am surprised that she curses. She looks like an angel. All angels are devils who haven't been caught. Comes to my mind. Gran said that a lot when I was younger. Then she would look at me from her pale gray eyes. And you my dear, should go run along now and cause some mischief. I won't tell. 

After 7 wrong turns and five wrong rooms, we make it to the dining hall. People are there eating noisily, and the clinking of glasses and metal. As we run down the few steps to the rest of the room, the room quiets as people look up. The only noise that can be heard is the sound of our feet. I see King....Bo look up from his meal, eye brow raised. We take the two seats, that happen to be next to one another, and also happen to be across from Bo. And King Griffin, the third, Eliza sits across from him so I am left tripping into my seat across from Bo, who happens to  be raising an eyebrow at us and I explain breathless that we got lost. He looked over to King Finnigan...Finn, who happened to be next to me, and says

"I think she needs a permanent guide.''. 

"I do not." I say. "I just need a long-tern guide. Eventually I'll  get it.'' I say, indignantly. 

"Doubt it.'" Replies Bo, stuffing his face with eggs. I roll my eyes, and scoop myself some. I look over at Eliza who is conversing with King Griffin. She catches my eye and winks at me. I look across from me, at Bo. 

"Do you write?"

"Not really." He said, his voice a bit monotone, his eyes distracted. 

"What do you write?" 

"Mostly poetry." Now, he was really distracted, his head was partially turned, and his eyes weren't anywhere near me. 

"About?" I really thought that he was going to say 'annoying girls', by the look on his face now, but instead he said, 

"A new life. Life, in general." He said, putting a hand up on the top of the chair and pushing himself up. Eliza shot me a look of curiosity 

"What was that for?" She asked, her accent twirling at the same time King Griffin, who was talking to her said

"What the hell..."."I have no idea, I said speaking to Eliza. 

"Umm...Maybe it was about what you talked about?" She asked a small crease formed between her eyebrows as she sat, thinking. 

"Poetry. We were talking about poetry" 

"Hm." Said King Griffin shortly, and sat up straighter. We ate the rest of the meal, discussing our home-lives.

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