I'm Ally, but call me Al. I'm 18 and I'm an interviewer in my own T.V show called 'Ally and friends'. I know what you're thinking 'how did I get my own T.V show as an 18 year old girl? That's easy I started the show on my YouTube channel when I was 15 and then some producers watch it and here I am on T.V


1. Jake's returning

Again we is in his bed making out, having sex. I know it have to stop cause I could end up having feelings for him. I just can't he just uses me and I have to remind myself that every day...


He kisses my neck to my stomach. We finishes it and I walks downstairs and into the bathroom. I know this house well since I've been here a lot of times as you should've guessed that I'm using Justin Bieber and he is using me just to get sex and nothing more. But I'm not scared to admit I kinda have a tiny little crush on him, it would just never be us because he as I said before is Justin Bieber and that means every girls dream guy to be with.

"Hey Al wake up?" I hear my brothers Jakes voice say. What Jake he is home? Jake have been in the army cause he would have to make money for us, me and him. Our parents decided to just bail on us when I was 6 and Jake was 10 so he'd always been there for me and yes it's kinda hard just being at home alone everyday and making sure to go to school everyday but it have to be done. I turn around to see that it really is Jake so I get up and hugs him as tight as I can.

"Jake I'd miss you too much what happened out there did you get hurt?" I ask checking if he haves any scars, but I guess he was lucky this time.

"Yes I'm ok I got to tell you something and I can't say no" Jake says changing from happy to serious. I sit down a waits for him to tell me, he sits down next to me and gives me his necklace he got from dad when he left us, it have been in the family forever and I already guessed what's happening. Jake is going out of the country to fight.

"Ally promise me to take care of yourself as long as I'm gone and please don't go to Justin's place any more I know him and he will hurt you just as he did with the other girls he was with" Jake says, I know I should probably be mad by now but he is right. Justin is a heartbreaker and I'd be better without him to destroy my life. I nod and hugs Jake tightly.

"I love you lil sis" Jake whispers and tears starts rolling down my cheeks.

"I love you to.." I whisper with a hurtful voice. Jake puts his hands on my shoulders and looks me in the eyes.

"Al I'll be coming back, and then everything will be like before" Jake says as he kisses me forehead and leaves me alone to think it all over.

I get up and showers. When I'm done with that I put on a floral dress, my favorite. I curls my hair in beach curls and walks downstairs to see Jake talking with.. Justin? 

"Just leave my sister alone! don't you get that if you hurt her I'll have to hurt you more!" Jake spats at Justin.

"I already told I don't wanna hurt her, and you know what you are hurting her by only being at the army!" Justin spats back at him, whats happening I've been upstairs for what an hour and Justin comes? This is just not gonna end well.

"No I'm only at the army so I can get money to give her food and so we have a house!" Jake spats and I can tell he is really annoyed by Justin now. I walk to them like I haven't heard anything.

"Hey guys" I say as I finds some toast and some peanut butter, Justin walks to me and hugs me.

"meet me at my house after you're done working" He whispers and says goodbye to Jake.

Then he walks home (he lives on the other side of the road right in front of our house.)

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