Too Young To Know - #3 Of The Kidnapped By Bieber Series

Page and Justin took a sad fall, and got murdered by there own gang. But lucky for there baby Adaline, Jenny had too much of a heart to kill her too. She dropped her at the door of an orphanage, with a note that read: "I am Adaline Bieber. Please take care of me. I'm one week old, and my parents died. I was brought here by a friend of there's who doesn't know how to care for me." Once she turned 15, she couldn't help it. Too many questions surged through her mind at every moment, so she started her quest with her guy friend Xavier, to find out who her parents were, and how they died. What she finds, wasn't what she expected, and definitely not what she wanted.


8. Chapter #8

I look at my uncle as he said those words 'she's not dead' and I could clearly see he wanted to cry. "So this is for real? Your the real Adeline?" She asks. "In the flesh," I say. She just smiled she didn't know what to do. Then she her smile got even bigger. "Jaxon. Go get the box," she tells him. "Box?" I ask. "Jaxon has a hole box of stuff he's kept that was either your moms, your dads, or little things like baby toys your mom had laying around before she took off," she says. "Really?" I ask excited. "Um. We'll get to that later lets just talk right now," Jaxon says. "Oh, Jax. She has a right to go through it," she says to him. "Steph. Can I talk to you in the kitchen for a second?" he asks. "Yeah..." she says confused. "Stay here kids," he says as they walk out of the room. It made me nervous. "What if they don't like me? What if he kicks us out? I can't mess this up! I need to know more," I say, holding back tears. "We've made it this far Addy, I won't let anything take that away, alright?" he reassures me. I nod my head. He pulls me into a tight hug. "I'm sure it's just a lot for them to handle. After all, they thought you were dead," he says. "Yeah. But it's alot for me too. I found out my parents were probably the worlds worst criminals in history," I say. "I know," he says.


Jaxon's POV


"We can't just give her the box. She going to want to keep it all. That's my stuff. That's all I have left of Page," I tell Steph. "Yeah, but that's her moms stuff. And some of it was hers. Does she even know what happened? Where did she  come from anyway?" She asks. "She a runaway from an orphanage. And apparently they're both hackers. Yes, she's my niece. But how do we know she's not just like Justin was? Heartless. How do we know shes not just going to get the stuff and run off? What if shes working with that gang. She could have found them before she found us," I explain to her. "I'm not working with any gang. All I want is to find out about my parents. I've been alone all my life. And if I know more about them, maybe I won't be so lonely anymore," I look over and she was crying in the door way. "Sweetheart your not alone, okay? We're your family," Steph goes over and gives her a hug.

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