Too Young To Know - #3 Of The Kidnapped By Bieber Series

Page and Justin took a sad fall, and got murdered by there own gang. But lucky for there baby Adaline, Jenny had too much of a heart to kill her too. She dropped her at the door of an orphanage, with a note that read: "I am Adaline Bieber. Please take care of me. I'm one week old, and my parents died. I was brought here by a friend of there's who doesn't know how to care for me." Once she turned 15, she couldn't help it. Too many questions surged through her mind at every moment, so she started her quest with her guy friend Xavier, to find out who her parents were, and how they died. What she finds, wasn't what she expected, and definitely not what she wanted.


7. Chapter #7

2 weeks later


            Page's POV


"Is this it?" I ask. Xavier looks at the address we had written down on a piece of paper. "Yup," he says. I take a deep breath, and smile. "What if he doesn't even talk to me?" I ask worried. "Well why wouldn't he?" he asks. "Because I'm a run away orphan who is living on the streets," I reply. "Don't worry alright. Go knock," he says, giving me a small nudge. I nod my head, and walk up to the door, and knock. I wait a minute, but no one answered. I knock again, and wait. "May I help you?" a man asks, opening the door. "Um, yes. I'm Adeline Bieber, and I have something very important I need to speak to you about," I say. "Adeline Bieber?" he asks a bit shocked. "Yes," I reply. "If your trying to prank me, or rob me kid, it's not gonna work," he says. "Wait, what? No. I-I," I sigh, I don't know how to tell him. I look at Xavier, and he walks up to me. "Just tell him," he says. "Tell me what?" Jaxon asks confused. "Sir," I take a deep breath in. "Your my uncle. And the closest relative I have," I say. He rolls his eyes at me. "This wouldn't be the first time a stupid kid like you has tried to tell me that. Adeline's dead, alright? Now leave me alone," he says, about to close the door, and put my hand up and stop him. "Pease sir. We walked nearly 23 miles to get here," I say. "I wouldn't care if you walked half way across the world to get here. Now leave me alone or I'll call the police," he demands. "Please. We're aren't lying. Please believe me?" I ask, starting to cry again. But I quickly wipe away my tears. "There's one way to tell if your lying," he says. "Ok. What is it?" I ask. "Addy had a funny birth mark on her neck," he says. I nod my head. "In the shape of a morphed heart," I smile. "Yah, how'd you know that?" he asks. "Because it's right here," I say, pulling up my hair. He leans over, and examines it.  "Alright. Do you want to come in?" he asks. "Sure," I smile. I walk inside, and he gestures for Xavier to come in too. We follow him inside, and sit on his couch. "So how'd you find me?" he asks. "We hacked the libraries system. That's how we found who my parents were, and how we found you," I say. "So you didn't even know who your parents were?" he asks. I shake my head no. "Where have you been the last 15 years?" he wonders. "An orphanage," I say. "How are you here then? Don't they have really strict security?" he asks. "Yah. But lucky for me I have a best friend who knows how to get past that stuff," I smile at Xavier. "So you two broke out?" He asks shocked. "I guess you could put it that," I say. "Jaxon, who's here?" a women asks walking in. "Oh. Stephanie, this is Adeline, and... what's your name kid?" he asks. "Xavier," He replies. "And Xavier," Jaxon introduces. "Kids, this is my wife Stephanie," he says. "Nice to meet you," I smile. "You too," she says. "Honey, this is your niece," he says. "Wait, what?" she asks. "She's not dead," he replies.

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