Too Young To Know - #3 Of The Kidnapped By Bieber Series

Page and Justin took a sad fall, and got murdered by there own gang. But lucky for there baby Adaline, Jenny had too much of a heart to kill her too. She dropped her at the door of an orphanage, with a note that read: "I am Adaline Bieber. Please take care of me. I'm one week old, and my parents died. I was brought here by a friend of there's who doesn't know how to care for me." Once she turned 15, she couldn't help it. Too many questions surged through her mind at every moment, so she started her quest with her guy friend Xavier, to find out who her parents were, and how they died. What she finds, wasn't what she expected, and definitely not what she wanted.


6. Chapter #6

I've got favorites, and likes. But I'm not really sure if anyone's actually reading??? Please comment for me if you are? Love ya lovelies! :) <3


Addy's POV


"You ok? What'd you find?" Xavier asks, as he realizes I was crying. "I found my parents," I say. "Already?" He asks shocked. I nod my head. He slides his chair over, and looks at the page. He takes a minute to read over it then stops "What if it's all just a coincidence?" He asks. "But what if it's not?" I reply. He sighs. "Alright, it does seem pretty convincing. So what now?" he asks "We follow through with the plan. We go and talk to my closest relative," I say. "As long as there not in that gang," he says. I nod my head. I go back through Justin's family tree, but all of his relatives are dead. I go through Page's, and I immediately find someone. She had a brother,Jaxon. "Let's talk to him," I point at the screen. "Who is he?" Xavier asks. "Page's brother. And also, I guess my uncle," I say. "What's his address?" He wonders. We find his address, and look at it. "That's about 23 miles from here Addy," He says. "We could make it there in about 2 weeks on foot," I say. He takes a minute to think. "Are you sure we want to walk that far?" He asks. "Well, duh," I smile. "Alright. Let's do it. But! Before we go, let's research him," he suggests. "Yah, good plan," I reply.

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