Too Young To Know - #3 Of The Kidnapped By Bieber Series

Page and Justin took a sad fall, and got murdered by there own gang. But lucky for there baby Adaline, Jenny had too much of a heart to kill her too. She dropped her at the door of an orphanage, with a note that read: "I am Adaline Bieber. Please take care of me. I'm one week old, and my parents died. I was brought here by a friend of there's who doesn't know how to care for me." Once she turned 15, she couldn't help it. Too many questions surged through her mind at every moment, so she started her quest with her guy friend Xavier, to find out who her parents were, and how they died. What she finds, wasn't what she expected, and definitely not what she wanted.


2. Chapter #2

Addy's POV


"Shhhh, follow me," Xavier says, guiding me out. We sneak down the stairs, and the door was in sight. "Won't it be locked?" I whisper. "Yah, but lucky for you I snooped around and took the keys," he says. I smile, and we sneak to the doors, and pass the sleeping security guard. He unlocks the door an we're out! He grabs my hand, and we start running down the street. "We did it!" I say surprised. "Did you ever doubt we would?" He asks. "A little," I say. He chuckles. "Well, as your best friend, I'd never let you down, especially for something this important," He says. "Thanks," I reply. I know we're only friends, but I can't help but find myself slowly falling in love with him. "Now, what shall we do first?" he asks. "Well, let's start by hitting the library. I'm hoping to access a few files there," I say. "I'm guessing, access, means stealing?" He laughs. "Probably," I shrug my shoulders. 




A/N Ok, another short chapter :( Sorry! I promise I'll update tonight! I PROMISE! :) Love you lovelies!



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