Too Young To Know - #3 Of The Kidnapped By Bieber Series

Page and Justin took a sad fall, and got murdered by there own gang. But lucky for there baby Adaline, Jenny had too much of a heart to kill her too. She dropped her at the door of an orphanage, with a note that read: "I am Adaline Bieber. Please take care of me. I'm one week old, and my parents died. I was brought here by a friend of there's who doesn't know how to care for me." Once she turned 15, she couldn't help it. Too many questions surged through her mind at every moment, so she started her quest with her guy friend Xavier, to find out who her parents were, and how they died. What she finds, wasn't what she expected, and definitely not what she wanted.


10. Chapter #10

I open my eyes, and look around. I was back in the room my uncle had given me and Xavier to sleep in. It was all a dream. And I'm glad, because that was scary. The thought of being in a gang bread for evil, wasn't very settling. And to think that there blood runs through my veins. "Xavier, are you up?" I ask. No answer. "Xavier?" I ask again. "Huh?" he asks in a groggy voice. "Can I come up with you?" I ask. "Sure," he says half asleep. I climb out of bed, and up the bunk ladder. I snuggle under his blankets with him, and he raps his arms around me. "Bad dreams?" he asks. "Yeah," I reply. He nods his head, and we fall asleep.


Next Morning


"Time to get up sleepy head," Xavier shakes me away. "What?" I ask, fluttering my eyes open. He chuckles. "Time to get up. Your aunt has breakfast ready downstairs," he says. I nod my head and sit up. I climb down, and we go downstairs to the kitchen. "So what was your dream last night?" he asks as we sit down at the table. "I had a dream I went and talked to that gang, and they wouldn't let me leave," I explain. He nods his head. "Promise me you won't do anything stupid like that," he says. "I promise. And if I do your coming with me anyways," I laugh. He chuckles, and shakes his head. "I know. And that's what scares me," he playfully nudges me. "So are you two like a couple or something?" My aunt asks. "No!" We say in unison, then look at each other and laugh. "You sure? You seem like it," she gives us a funny look. "We act like it," he says. "But we're just bestfriends," I add on. In my head, secretly wishing we were a couple. "Okay," she says in disbelief. She hands us our breakfast, and drowns our pancakes in syrup. "I'll go wake up your uncle," she says leaving the room.


After breakfast


Me and Xavier went back upstairs, and hung out in "our room" hacking my uncle's laptop. "I was thinking about what your aunt said, about us being together. What would you think about that?" He asks, looking at me hopeful. "Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?" I ask, getting a bit excited. "Maybe..." he says biting his lip. "Well, you want to know what I would think about it? I think you should have asked that a long time ago," I smile. "Really?" he asks. "Yeah," I say. He puts his hand on my cheek, and pulls me in for a kiss.

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