Little Drummer Boy

Ashton and Amber have been friends forever. But now Amber has feelings for Ashton, who is in a band with her ex- Michael who desperately wants her back. How will it end?


6. The Next Morning

Ashton's POV


I woke up next to the most beautiful woman in the entire universe. "Would you like some breakfast?" 


Her morning voice is beautiful. Her morning hair is beautiful. I am jealous of the sun because he gets to see her like this every morning and kiss her with rays of sunlight. "Do you like eggs?" "Yeah.Scrambled please! But I have one question for you." she has a grin curling up the side of her cheek. "Okay?" god she's beautiful. "Which came first? The chicken or the egg?"  ah yes. the question that our souls are yearning to know the answer to. "Definitely the chicken." she grinned and said "Are you sure?" i slowly walked away from the stove and towards her. She was sitting on the counter so she was a few inches taller than me. "It was definitely the chicken. Would God really just put an egg on the earth? But the real question is- How many original chickens were there?" she smiled a devilish smile and threw her arms over my shoulder and got very close to my mouth and said "there were 2 because God wouldn't make a chicken third wheel". I couldn't help but laugh and i may or may not have 'accidentally' kissed her.  But the point is our lips touched and in the end I nearly burned the house down because I forgot the eggs. We decided to just eat cereal. She's a good ol' Frosted Flakes girl, which is respectable. But I am a Captain Crunch kinda guy. We decided when we get married to meet in the middle at Froot Loops. 

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