Little Drummer Boy

Ashton and Amber have been friends forever. But now Amber has feelings for Ashton, who is in a band with her ex- Michael who desperately wants her back. How will it end?


5. The Date

Amber's POV


I got all dressed up for my date tonight. My best friend Ashlynn helped me get ready. I put on my floral dress and black flats. She curled my hair while I put on my makeup. When I was completely finished the first thing said by Ashlynn was "Damn, you look good" we laughed. Then, the doorbell rang and it was Ashton. We giggled as I walked down the stairs and answered the door. Ashton looked really good. You won't believe what happened next. Michael knowing I had a date with Ashton- the bastard texted me and basically asked me to come over for a "movie night" mos t likely leading to many bad choices. Typical guy- all they think about is sex. I'm not gonna lie it kind of turned me on. Is that bad? Oh well, tonight is for Ashton. I turn off my phone and told him it was just my mom. It was 9 by the time we got to the restaurant, which happened to close at 8:30. Ashton was really upset but I just laughed and suggested the cafe down the road. Since it was just down the street we decided to walk, it was nice out. But all of the sudden it started to rain. "could this get any worse?" he was so upset and it was the cutest thing. "it's okay this is how it happens in the movies right?" he forced a laugh. When we got into the little cafe he gave me his jacket and we sat in the corner booth and ordered coffee. We talked and laughed until midnight when the cafe closed. I stood up when we were leaving and all in an instant Ashton looked up at me with the hazel eyes that kill me. He cups his hands around the back of my neck and pulls me close. He says "I love you, Amber" I was about to say it back when he gently placed his lips on top of mine. It was phenomenal. His lips tasted like honey and springtime. I kissed back. After the kiss we stood there and held each other and began to dance to the song playing on the radio. We were all alone in that little diner and it was incredible. When the waitress came back with our ticket Ashton apologized and the waitress said "that's alright honey, it's not everyday you see two young people fall in love. Let me tell you something, don't ever let this pass you by, because if it is love, its a once in a lifetime thing. I was in love once. You feel like your on top of the world and you're indestructible, don't ever let that go." She picked up the ticket. Ashton stopped her "Ma'am, we haven't paid that yet" she replied with "that's quite alright. It's on the house." She smiled and we thanked her. Ashton led me out the door and we got in his car. "Amber, would you like to go back to my house? Nobody's home, we could be alone." "Sure" As we drove you could feel the tension as we were driving. He held my hand but soon his hand was on my thigh and every time there was a stop sign or red light we practically collided into each other. When we got to his house  he ran around the car and opened the door for me. As soon as the door opened our lips were locked all the way up to his front door where he fumbled with his keys because I was kissing his neck. When the door was finally opened we continued to press our lips together all the way upstairs into his room where we got on his bed (without our lips parting i might add). At this point clothes were flying. From there, Ashton traced his warm fingers all the way up my back and finally stopped to unhook my bra. After absolutely all items of clothing were removed, he began to trace my spine all the way up my back until he reached my neck where he cupped his hands around it and we began intensely kissing. I wanted a physical relationship with him, not like crazy hot casual sex. More like the loving sensual kind. No, we were not having sex. We were making love. When things calmed down a bit, we just held each other. His warm chest touched mine. He held his hand in the small of my back and there was not enough skin for us to touch. I wanted to be a part of Ashton an explore every centimeter of his body that no one else had touched before. We laid there silently, just holding each other naked. We began to pour ourselves into each other.Yes, physically naked but also emotionally and mentally naked. I knew his parents got a divorce and how depressed he got afterwards. He knew that I was so self-conscience that I was depressed and starved myself. We were true. I find myself in him. Sitting there in his bedroom in total darkness made everything feel safe. After we stripped ourselves of all our emotional barriers and we were raw human beings. We laid back down and he held me the entire night. 

When I woke up the next morning I was wearing Ashton's Led Zeppelin shirt. I yawned and looked at the time. It was 7:28. I glanced over at Ashton he was still asleep. I leaned over and planted a kiss on his forehead, his eyes fluttered open and he said "Who is this beautiful woman in my bed? ah yes the stunning Amber Bryant." I smiled and giggled as he kissed me "I've always wanted to wake up next to you my dear"

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