Little Drummer Boy

Ashton and Amber have been friends forever. But now Amber has feelings for Ashton, who is in a band with her ex- Michael who desperately wants her back. How will it end?


7. That Boy

Amber's POV


I had a spectacular night with Ashton. It was phenomenal. When I got home and charged my phone enough so it would turn on I saw 11 missed calls and 18 missed texts from Mom, 5 missed calls and 8 texts from Michael, 4 calls and 13 missed messages from Ashlynn. Wow, I have never gotten this many calls and messages. In hindsight I probably should have informed my mother I wasn't dead in a ditch because now, i am getting some lecture about how "I am not to see that boy" and "you could've been dead". and then the worst possible thing happened. She began putting the pieces together. Shit "Whose shirt is that?" i looked down and still had on Ashton's Led Zeppelin shirt. "It's Ashton's" i said surprisingly confident. And then, since the neck was so big, it slipped off my shoulder revealing a line of hickeys down my spine. Fuck i am screwed "AMBER ROSE BRYANT DID YOU HAVE SEX WITH THAT BOY?" "yeah" I then walked out of my room with a new-found confidence. I texted Ashton he said he was sorry he got me in trouble. I told him it was fine and that I simply adore bad boys.


Ashton's POV


I got Amber in trouble. But she said she liked bad boys, and I can be bad. You just say when baby. 



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