Little Drummer Boy

Ashton and Amber have been friends forever. But now Amber has feelings for Ashton, who is in a band with her ex- Michael who desperately wants her back. How will it end?


3. Seeing Her Again



We were rocking out to American Idiot  and some girl comes around the corner of the alley and stands there for a minute. At first glance, I am really attracted to her and then I realize why. She's my super hot ex-girlfriend AND Ash's crush. Shit. Why did we even break up? I think she's checking me out which is okay because the feeling is mutual. Anyway, her and Ash are practically dating. I don't know why. I would be such a better boyfriend. I wish i could prove it to her. I just need to get her to talk to me. I could text her, I still have her number. I pulled up her contact and i see the picture and the name. Amber with two little hearts- what else? I make the picture bigger and I see the picture of us kissing at the beach. My hair was green and her beautiful sand colored hair was tangled with mine from the wind. When we took that picture we were so in love. I remember she told me my eyes looked like the water. I said "Your hair looks like sand. Beautiful and thick, I want to run my hands through it." Just after that the picture was taken . I closed the photo and sent her a quick message, we hadn't talked in 6 months this could become tragically awkward.


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