Little Drummer Boy

Ashton and Amber have been friends forever. But now Amber has feelings for Ashton, who is in a band with her ex- Michael who desperately wants her back. How will it end?


8. Friends With Benefits

Michael's POV


I know it's a shitty thing to do. He's one of my best friends. But Amber is fucking hot. I know they had sex last night. You can see it in their faces. Honestly, Amber and I don't have to have a relationship. We can be friends with benefits. I text her "Hey, wanna come over?" about 2 minutes later she says "sure why not" she was at my house 10 minutes later. We ordered a pizza and watched a movie. But i have something else planned


Amber's POV


Michael and I are watching a movie. Halfway through he 'accidentally' spills coke on his shirt. He took it off and damn. Apparently I am not to good at hiding these things because Michael smirked and said "You like what you see baby?" I couldn't help but smile. At this point, Ashton was the farthest thing on my mind and I am about to make a big ass mistake. He walked over to me and began kissing me. I stood up and he carried me back to his room with his hands on my ass. When we got up the stairs and into his room he proceeded to take off my shirt, and i didn't object. He unbuttoned my jeans and i unbuttoned his. It would've been cute if he was my boyfriend. He started off kissing my lips but worked his way down my chest and stomach. I would say it was romantic and incredible and that i loved him, but i would be lying. I don't love him and he doesn't love me. And we didnt have romantic sex. We had crazy hot sex with no love involved. He was in the middle of being a really fucking hot asshole and teasing me when his phone buzzed. He had 2 missed texts one was Ashton saying he was coming over and the second one saying he was here. Shit.


Michael's POV


to put it bluntly i was in the middle of fucking Ashton's  girlfriend when he showed up at my house. We both got dressed faster than Usain Bolt. She climbed out my window and hid while I let Ashton in. I don't love her. She's just hot and good in bed. She doesn't love me her exact words to me where "I hate you and you're an asshole but you're hot so lets have sex" What a turn on. 


Ashton's POV


Michael and I went up to his room and it smells like Amber's perfume. He assured me it was his mom's perfume. We played video games and ate pizza.


Michael's POV


I told Ashton that the perfume he smelled was my mom's. Her room is on the other side of the house. He's so gullible sometimes. 

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