Im Just Trouble Luke

My Name Is Jaxon Taylor and All I Am Is Trouble. LUke Hemmings tried to Change Me, but all I did was cause So much trouble for them, they end up getting hurt And I feel so guilty. Luke helped and so did the boys but I just Attracted trouble Where ever I went


2. Why Are You Crying

Lukes POV

Me and the boys were walking around the stadium when we saw 2 girls on the ground. 

"Lets check it out" Ash says and we head for the 2 girls

"Hello girls" Mikey says standing in front of them

"Hi" a girl with brown hair says. I sqaut down next to the girl is crying

"Whats the matter love" I ask

"Her parents just died in a car wreck" the girl says

"Is that true" I ask and all she does is nod. She gets up and takes her heels off

"Ill be back Miley" she says and runs off

"Dammit Jaxon Natasha Taylor" she yells

"Wait that is Jaxon Taylor" Calum asks

"Are her parents Sam and Callie" I ask

"Shit Callie is my mums best friend" I say

"You guys knew each other" Miley asks

"No, but Ill go find her" I say running off after Jaxon.

I find her down by the pond.

"You okay jaxon?" I ask and sit down next to her

"No my really" she admits

"We'll come here" I say holding out my arms and she slides into them.

"Why do I feel safe around you" she mumbles into my chest

"I don't know love" I admit pressing a kiss to her forehead.

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