Im Just Trouble Luke

My Name Is Jaxon Taylor and All I Am Is Trouble. LUke Hemmings tried to Change Me, but all I did was cause So much trouble for them, they end up getting hurt And I feel so guilty. Luke helped and so did the boys but I just Attracted trouble Where ever I went


1. Saving Me from the horror

Christmas Eve: 

My name is Jaxon Taylor and im 19 years old. I Am an only Child. 

"Jaxon we are leaving" my mum yells.

"Have fun" I yell back

I get my phone out and call Miley, my best friend

"Hello" her voice rings through the phone

"Theyre gone" I exclaim

"Yes!!! Be there in 10 minutes and be ready" she says and thdn hangs up the phone. We are currently going to the concert of our lives. A 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER concert of course and we get to meet them.

Theres a honk outside and I grab my phone, my purse and tickets. I run through the house un a dress and heeld not very well trying to fet out the door. I grt out of the house and get over to Mileys car.

"Lets go" I say as we head towards the stadium

We park and I get a call from some unknown number


"Hi, are you the daughter of Sam and Callie Taylor, Jaxon Taylor" the person asks

"Yes" I say

"Your parents have died in a horrible car accident" the voice says and then hangs up 

I let the tears slip from my face as I sink to the ground

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