A small group of outsiders who are constantly bullied at school and at home. They soon befriended each other and become a family.


1. I

"What's wrong," a sarcastic voice boomed, "can't take a hit? Get up!" My vision was blurry, I could only make out shapes. Although it was only a slap, it felt like I was hit with a brick. I felt someone pull me up by my arms. I could see clearly now, I know now that I'm bleeding from hitting the ground so hard. Ashley has one hell of an arm. I look up to see a complete stranger.

"U-um, thanks." I try to say but it comes out no more than a screech. Maybe, I was hit with a brick? I was obviously kicked a few times.

"I know how much of a bitch Ashley can be. You don't have to thank me. I think that's what you said..." the girl chuckles. She sits me down and looks at the side of my head where I was bleeding. It's not uncommon for me to be bullied multiple times a day but Ashley never hit me the way she just did. She just slaps me or throws insults that make her and her little preppy friends laugh and join in.

"You should come with me." The girl says concerned.

"Um, who are you?"

"Oh, haha yeah, I'm Jessy. What's your name?" 

"Oh, um, I'm Mia."

"Well, Mia," she starts,"you follow me." She gets up and starts walking. I realize that's she's leading me. My hesitation makes me fall behind. I run to catch up to her.

"Where are we going?" I hold my throbbing head.

"Don't ask questions, just let it happen." Wow. She says it just like my little sister would. I manage a half smile.

"This could be an adventure!" I accidentally say out loud. 

Jessy laughs, "That it could." 

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