Night Changes... (Sequel to Louis Tomlinson's Little Sister!)

So it's been a year since the girls and boys went to London, and the boys auditioned for the X Factor. They made it all the way through the competition and came 3rd. They were gutted.

Even though they didn't win. They hit the world at a storm, never imagining what a big phenomenon they had become. Thousands of screaming fans chasing them and asking for photos, gigs, singles, albums, the lot. They couldn't believe it.


9. Chapter 8- CHRISTMAS DAY!!

Natalie's P.O.V:

Slowly opening my eyes, I rolled over to see Liam still asleep. I looked at my phone and it was the 25th of December. My eyes widened with excitement. Turning around, I leaped on to Liam and he instantly woke up. "Uh babe!" "LIAM GET UP ITS CHRISTMAS, SERIOUSLY GET YOUR ARSE UP AND OUT OF BED!"  he pushed me off of him, and I landed beside him on the bed. I rolled off and yanked his arm, pulling him to the door. Lex was as excited as me so when I passed their door I could hear her getting Zayn up to. "Get up now Zayn!" "Alright alright, get off me mann!" They burst out their room and bashed into us. "Sorry mann" Zayn apologised. "KIERA AND HARRY GET UP ITS CHRISTMAS!" Lex yelled whilst banging her fists on their door. They didn't reply so Lex being Lex, she swung their door open and jumped on them whilst they were asleep. "LEX!" Kiera yelled. "KIERA ITS CHIRTSMAS!" Kiera stood upon her bed as well now and her and Lexii were jumping on the bed squealing. Harry looked up with half asleep eyes, sat up, grabbed one each of their ankles and pulled them towards him, making them two fall over. Crawling off the bed, they grabbed Harry's arms and pulled him from underneath the covers. Lex dropped Harry's arm and turned around sniggering when she saw Harry's privates "Ha ha oh my god Harry cover up!" Quickly grabbing the covers and pulling them up to his torso, Kiera struggled to pull him out, so Lou rushed in and helped. Kiera threw him a pair of luminous pink boxers, when he got them on, we all trampled downstairs in a rush, sitting by the tree and on the sofa.

Zayn's P.O.V:

"Right" I said, starting to hand out presents. "Lex this is yours, Hazza, Niall, El, Ash, Lou, Liam, Nat and Kiera here's yours." Kiera gave out her presents, so did the rest of us. When we had finished giving them out we started to tear off the paper. 'Oh my god's' and 'thankyou's' were being passed around the room. Kiera disappeared out the room for a minute and came back with something fluffy in her arms. We all looked at it and soon realised it was a black and white kitten. Harry's face lit up when Ki passed it to him. "OH MY GOD BABE!" "Like it?" "You got me a feckin kitten, oh my god I love you!" My face lit up as well. "Harry what are you gunna call it mann?" He looked down at his beloved pet and replied saying, "Dusty, I'm gonna call you dusty ma baby. Your so cute and lovely aren't you dusty, yea, yes you are." Harry said in a weird childish voice, whilst scratching dusty's white stomach. We all just went silent and looked at him from the corners of our eyes. When he noticed that, he stopped and coughed a bit letting dusty walk around. I gave Lex a small box, a red suede box with gold ribbon tied around it. She looked at the box and took a deep breath. "Ok its not what you think it is by the way." She nodded and opened it, inside was a silver band ring. On the inside of the ring it read 'I promise to love you forever'. She took another deep breath and just looked at me grinning. "Its a promise ring babe." "I know baby, thanky-" She got quite emotional so I took the ring from the box and took her hand, slid it on her finger and pecked her lips softly.

Looking at her hand for a while, she got up and walked to the kitchen putting the kettle on. "Anyone want tea or coffee?" "Yea, I'll come and help." I replied, and entered the kitchen.

Kiera's P.O.V:

After Zayn left to go to the kitchen, I bent down to pick up Dusty, who was now the main attraction, and started to play with her on my lap. After a few minutes she jumped back down and I looked around me and noticed Harry had gone. "Um where's Harry?" Zayn shouted from the kitchen, "He's gone to the shops love." The shops are shut at Christmas though. I wandered around the house but I couldn't see him. I knew something was going on and I needed to know what it was.

"Zayn, he couldn't of gone to the shops because all shops are shut at Christmas." I heard Niall say to Zayn. "Niall you cant tell anyone but Harry hasn't gone to the shops, he's gone to sort out Kiera's big present." Niall looked confused and asked him what it was. "Niall mann I dunno what it is but all I know is that she cant know." He said and Niall nodded and walked off, passing me in the hall.

Harry's P.O.V:

While I left Kiera playing with my Dusty, I went into the kitchen to speak to Zayn about something important. As I entered Lex was standing there washing up whilst Zayn poured water into mugs. I closed the door making them notice that I was here. "Zayn can I talk to you quick?" "Yea mann what's up?" I peered over to Lex and she looked at me. Still looking at Lex I said, "Lex, do one." She raised her eyebrow and I added sarcastically, "Please." "Yea, sure." She said with attitude. "I mean I wasn't talking to my boyfriend or nothing, don't want to hear gossip at all, I'll just leave. Quietly." "Cheers love."

"Zayn I need you to not tell Kiera or anyone this but-." He looked at me and cut me of with, "What have you done?" Quite hurt I said, "Nothing, I need to sort Kiera's big Christmas present but you cant tell her or anyone." "Urm ok, what is it?" He questioned. "I cant tell you that either." I chuckled. "I'm gonna go do that now so, yea I'll see you later." I left Zayn and walked towards the door, picking my coat and keys up along the way. I swung open the car door and turned the ignition on, speeding off, I headed towards my destination. 

After around half hour later I rolled up outside a building. I parked up and got out locking the car behind me. I walked up to the automatic doors and walked up to the front desk. "Hello, I have an appointment with a Mrs Jackson?" I said to the young red head at the counter. She stared at me for a few moments and then checked her computer. "Name?" she asked, "Styles, Harry Styles" I said in a low voice. She looked at me for a few seconds and looked back at the computer.  "Go sit over there and she will be out in a moment" she replied while pointing to some black leather seats. I nodded and walked over removing my sun glasses.

While I waited for Mrs Jackson I decided to check my phone. 10 new messages.

7 new messages From Baby Girl:

-Baby where are you?

-Babe have I done something?

-Baby why aren't you answering me?

-Harry, its Christmas and you have disappeared and you don't even have the decency to tell me?!

-So Zayn knows? Where are you?!

-Harry Edward Styles, where the fuck are you?!

-Harry! Answer me!

1 New message from Lex:

-Harry you dick, where are you?! Kiera is worried as fuck call one of us!

2 messages from Lou:

-Harry mate where are you? The girls are going mad!

-Harry Kiera is crying because she thinks she has done something! Call one of us! 

I sighed realising I should of told someone something, or at least let Zayn tell someone something. "Mr Styles?" I looked up seeing a middle aged woman with black hair. "Yes?" I asked. She smiled at me. "Follow me" I nodded standing up and following the woman.

She led me into a large office, "Have a seat Mr Styles." I sat down. "Now, I understand you are looing to get married here?" I nodded. "Now, we have an amazing registry office down the hall." I looked at her. "Oh no, I think my fiancé wants to get married in a church." she nodded now understanding. "Oh, well in that case we have three amazing halls to choose from. If you would like to follow me down the hall to look at them?" I nodded standing up getting ready to follow her.

She led me down the hall a bit until we came to a door, she opened it and inside there was a smallish hall, it was very basic. There was a small dance floor in the middle of it and a few tables scattered around it. Mrs Jackson looked at me and I shook my head. "Its very nice, but its a bit small." She nodded and we walked to the next hall. The second one was exactly the same except a little bit bigger and I shook my head once again when she looked at me.

We headed to the last door and before she opened it she looked at me and said "Now, Mr Styles. This hall is our deluxe hall." I nodded, now excited to see it. The doors swung open and it revealed a HUGE hall, with a separate bar, separate dining hall, separate ceremony room... everything but I had my eyes set on a garden. "Its perfect, the only thing is, is that she has her heart set on a beach wedding."  She nodded and walked me to another set of doors inside the room I was already in. She opened them and revealed a bright green, picturesque, colourful garden with fountains and statues. It had an aisle made from marble slabs which led up to a white and ivory flower arch with white chiffon material laced through. I was stunned and immediately said id take it. "Mr Styles I haven't given you a price." "I don't care about that, this is perfect and she'll love it. How much is it actually?" "£300,300 sir." My jaw dropped a bit but I remembered how happy Ki would be and how happy I am. "Yep that's fine. I'll leave and come back with my fiancé and the money, to set a date and go through everything. Just don't tell her the price when she gets here please?" She nodded whilst escorting me out.

When I arrived home I got a massive ear full. Kiera stormed up to me and physically attacked me throwing a load of questions and reasons in her head for why I was away. "WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN? WHAT'S HER NAME? DO I KNOW HER? ACTUALLY FECK OFF I DONT WANNA TALK TO YOU!" I grabbed her arms which stopped her from hitting my chest. I kissed her on the cheek and told her to go upstairs and get ready. She stomped upstairs and I had to answer questions from everyone down here. Lex came up to me and warned me that if I did anything I'd pay. "Listen I haven't done anything, and I'm hurt that none of you actually trust me, you think I'd cheat on her. But I haven't and I'll tell you where I've been later." I followed Ki upstairs and closed the door.

"So explain where you've been on Christmas day, leaving me and your mates, and Dusty!" I laughed and told her that she needs to get ready because I'm taking her somewhere. She was still in a bit of a huff with me but I just thought it was funny. "Baby get ready and meet me in the car in 20 minutes." She nodded and I kissed her cheek and went to wait for her in the car.

I was looking down at my phone in the car with my forehead resting on the steering wheel. The passenger car door opened and I looked to my left to see Ki get in the car. She sat down and just looked at me, "Where we going then?" "You'll see when we get there, ok just wait." She huffed and looked out the front windscreen. Turning the radio on to Capital, i kept looking at her in the corner off my eyes and she was texting Lex on her phone. "Babe?" I said to her whilst she looked up from her phone. "mhm." "We're nearly there so do you wanna know where we are?" She nodded her head and sat up straight from slouching. "Tough because you'll find out in a minute!" She sighed and slouched back again. Around 5 minutes later i parked in the car park, opened my door, walked round to her door and opened it for her whilst she grabbed her bag. "So" she said whilst taking my hand. "Where the hell are we Harold?" I looked at her and replied with, "We baby girl are at our future wedding venue." She gasped and put her hands to her mouth, "Seriously?!" I nodded with a chuffed smile on my face. "It looks really posh, and quite expensive." "Don't worry about that just look at our venue when we're in there." Nodding, she just pulled me through the doors and asked about our venue. "Urm Styles, Harry Styles." I said to the lady at reception. She looked in the computer and said, "Your appointment was and hour and half ago." "I know, i was meant to come back and meet, err Mrs Jackson?" She nodded and pressed a button next to her and asked for Mrs Jackson.

When she appeared she said, "Ah Harry isn't it? Who is this may i ask?" "This is my fiancé Kiera." "Aha nice to meet you." She said whilst shaking Kiera's hand, "Let me show you to your hall so your fiancé can see it. Right this way." Mrs Jackson said whilst walking down a hallway. "Ready to see it babe?" Ki nodded and when Mrs Jackson opened the doors, her face lit up and her jaw dropped. "Oh. My. God! Is this ours? Harry have we got this?" I nodded and she gasped, "We'll take it!" Mrs Jackson showed Kiera the Garden that came with this room, and when they came back she didn't change her mind. "We are taking this room now. Give her the money Harry please!" I laughed and handed her the money. We stood their and discussed dates and times, colour themes and arranged more meetings with Mrs Jackson. We said goodbye to her and got in to the car all excited and happy.

Kiera's P.O.V:

Me and Harry didn't stop talking about it and when we arrived back at the house we ended up spilling it to them, the venue, colour theme everything. "So we went for a red, gold and white colour theme an-" "What am i wearing?" Zayn butted in. Harry said he'd be wearing the same as all the other boys. "Which would be?" Zayn encouraged, "Black suits, white shirts, red ties and white hanky things that go in the pockets." He nodded in satisfaction in knowing what he would be wearing. Lex asked what she'd be wearing as well, but i wouldn't tell her. "I'm taking you shopping tomorrow so i can show you, I've already picked them." She slouched in the sofa because she never liked knowing. "The only different thing about the suits is that Harry would be wearing a bow tie because he's special and wants to be awkward... And for the pure fact that i think he looks hot in one!" I sniggered and Harry nudged me. "Dates?" Niall questioned. Harry added in that, "We haven't set a proper date but we know we want it to be either the 18th of April or the 20th of May." They all just looked at each other and Liam asked us being a bit lost, "Why them dates?" "Well i wanted a spring wedding, and just why not." They just laughed and we just spoke about it for a bit longer and then there was nothing about it left to talk about, so we carried on with Christmas, like cooking dinner and stuff.


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