Night Changes... (Sequel to Louis Tomlinson's Little Sister!)

So it's been a year since the girls and boys went to London, and the boys auditioned for the X Factor. They made it all the way through the competition and came 3rd. They were gutted.

Even though they didn't win. They hit the world at a storm, never imagining what a big phenomenon they had become. Thousands of screaming fans chasing them and asking for photos, gigs, singles, albums, the lot. They couldn't believe it.


6. Chapter 5- A quiet night in. Part 1.

Harry's P.O.V:

When I told the guys we weren't coming, they were disappointed but I said to them if it was ok with them if they still went out, give Kiera a bit of peace. "We would've gone out anyway man, have a good night though and say bye to Kiera for us." Zayn said whilst waving and following up with "S'later mate, oh and we might get a bit of food after so we'll be back a bit later. Bye." They all walked out the door with either their arms around their girls waist or holding hands, I was disappointed as well I have to admit but I was looking forward to some time with Kiera, even if she is ill.

Running back upstairs to my sick girlfriend, I swung open the door and ran towards her grabbing her hand, taking the quilt with me in the other hand. I pulled her downstairs on the quilt and into the front room, gathering her up in the duvet and dropping her on the sofa. After she stopped laughing she giggled "Harry, what we gonna do tonight then?" "Well now I thought we could watch a few films or TV, cuddle up and chill, and later I have other ideas but we will cross that bridge when we come to it." I cheekily said with a naughty grin on my face, showing my dimples. I put her favourite film on, the SpongeBob movie, and grabbed a bowl of popcorn and a couple bags of Doritos. I got under the covers and let Kiera lay on my shoulder. We laughed at a few bits and then just half way through, ended up talking and messing about. When it finished Kiera looked a lot happier, maybe cause she just chilled for a bit. I looked at her but she was looking at her phone. "Finished looking?" She giggled. "Ha. Right, love, I know you wanted everyone to do the tree but why don't we just do it. Be quite nice just me and you doing it right?" She nodded and pulled the covers back, pulling my up with her. "You go get the tree from the loft and I'll get the decorations from the storage cupboard." I nodded and jogged upstairs, eventually reaching the stairs for the loft.

As I pulled the tree down, I missed a step on the narrow stairs and tumbled down the stairs with the tree quickly following. "SHIT!" I heard Kiera run up the stairs and I felt the tree lift off of me. "Harry oh my god, let me help you up." As I moved all of my arms and back hurt as that's what I landed on mostly. "Ahh ow ow ow, Ki be careful." She kept saying sorry and kept putting her hand to her mouth. I tried to stand upright and as soon as I did my back felt a fraction better. "Babe can you give me a back rub?" "Yea bab." As soon as she started I could feel the pain drain away as if it just flowed from my body into her delicate hands. "Does that hurt? Is that ok?" She asked in concern. "Yea love my back feels better now cheers." "What about your arms?" "Nah their alright."

Together we both pulled the tree and decorations down the stairs and started to piece it together in the living room. Kiera I have to admit is, not very particular about the way the tree looks, on the other hand I am. I like it nice and not multi-coloured. Set colours like; Red and gold, purple and gold or purple and silver. Get what I mean? Anyway me and me girlfriend picked a colour scheme and went for gold and red, as its closer to orange which is my favourite colour. "If you untangle the lights babe then I can sort out the tree's branches and stuff." I said to Kiera whilst fiddling about with tree. In her process of trying to untangle a row of lights, she managed to wrap herself in them and make the knot worse. I only noticed this when she got her feet tangled and fell backwards onto the floor. "Oh shite!" I quickly turned around and rushed to my knees to see if Kiera was ok. She was laughing her head off trying to get her hands and legs free from the lights. I helped her untangle and heaved her up off the floor. "Me and you, falling over today, jeez." She said still unpicking the lights. I grabbed a dining chair and pulled it over next to the tree. "Hop up then." "What?" She questioned. "Get on the chair because you can put the lights around from the top and work them down." She nodded now getting it. She put one foot on the chair and turned round to me and said. "How come I have to do this and not you? Not an excuse to look at my buttocks now is it Harold?" I looked at the floor and coughed, now looking around the room. She climbed on the chair all wobbly so I balanced her by holding her hips, her arse was in front of me so bit of a bonus really. Handing her the lights, she started to wind them round the top and gradually made their way down. She stayed up on the chair to put the ball balls on and the tinsel. Quite happy, I stood back and I thought it looked alright. "Harry bab, have we got a star or an angel or anything?" This could be the perfect time for one of my 'corny' jokes. "Babe, you know your the only star in my life." She rolled her eyes at me probably knowing that was coming. I amused myself and ended up laughing out loud to my own joke. "Its not even that funny Harry." "Why you laughing then?" "I'm laughing at you stupid." She claims. Ki jumped down from the chair and started rummaging through the boxes. "Ah, found it!" I jumped up on the chair taking her spot and swivelled round to face her. "Give me the star, c'mon." I said whilst putting my hand out. "Oh you want me up there?" "Ha ha. No you know what I meant, you cant add to the joke." She handed over the ornament and I placed it on the very top of the tree. Climbing off the chair and putting my arm around Kiera, we looked at it with achievement. "Ki, you not gonna miss your parents?" She looked me directly in the eyes and said. "No. I hope they stay wherever they are and never come back, they don't even want to come to my wedding to you, because I'm marrying you. They can stuff themselves, I'd probably be right in saying that they haven't even bothered to send a card for me and Lou, let alone a present or anything." I just gazed at her whilst she was rabbiting on, but still listening because even though she's saying all this, she still hurt by them. 

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