Night Changes... (Sequel to Louis Tomlinson's Little Sister!)

So it's been a year since the girls and boys went to London, and the boys auditioned for the X Factor. They made it all the way through the competition and came 3rd. They were gutted.

Even though they didn't win. They hit the world at a storm, never imagining what a big phenomenon they had become. Thousands of screaming fans chasing them and asking for photos, gigs, singles, albums, the lot. They couldn't believe it.


5. Chapter 4- Housework

Liam's P.O.V:

When Zayn came back downstairs we started on the housework. Niall was still in the front room trying to work the hoover, still fiddling about with the wire and extra bits to it. "Mate c'mere" I took the hoover and plugged it in and it turned on. Niall looked at me amazed. "How the bloody hell did you do that?!" "Well, I pl-" I was cut off by Louis' hand on my shoulder and him saying "Liam leave it" I nodded and went into the kitchen, Niall still staring at the hover and then looking back at me as if I were some magician, ya know cause I got a hover to work. Niall had already washed up so I started to wipe the sides down and generally clear up the kitchen, Harry putting unnecessary objects away that didn't need to be out, Lou was doing the laundry and was unloading the dishwasher, Zayn ended up back upstairs generally tidying up and making beds and then Niall, well when I got the hover working, hovered the whole house. Not going to lie, it weren't that bad, bit of music and mucking about like us lads do, it was alright.

Lex, Ki, Ash and Nat waltzed down the stairs, well Kiera still sniffing and snorting. I think they were genuinely surprised at how well we done. "Well I am amazed, Once every two weeks you can do this and don't moan because it weren't that bad was it?" Kiera asked rubbing her nose. We shook our heads in admittance. "So, we haven't been out in ages, why don't we go out somewhere?" Ash pointed out. You see, since One direction became quite known, we cant exactly go out normally. Girls actually run after us, we have to have bodyguards for crying out loud. Its not that I'm ungrateful or unhappy, I'm more than grateful for what's happened, but we cant lead a normal life any more and were still getting used to that. Before we could go out whenever but its not that simple, we do just go out and act normal like before but sometimes it causes more hassle than its worth. "Yea where do you wanna go?" Louis questioned the girls. "Oo Oo, what about ice skating, or roller blading?" Kiera and Lex suggested. We all nodded and decided on ice skating. I was shit at it. Last time I went I actually broke my foot. Kiera jeez, she's so clumsy, she better be careful.

Harry's P.O.V:

Not gonna lie I was quite excited about ice skating. Be nice to get back to normal for a bit. All of us split into our rooms to get ready. I didn't know if ice skating was the best place to go for Kiera as, well she's got a cold and ice skating. ICE skating is going to be cold, might make matters worse. Closing the door behind me, I rummaged through my wardrobe, Kiera done the exact same but she had to stop every now and then to either sneeze, wipe her nose, blow her nose or cough multiple times. Ki ended up picking out a white fluffy jumper, blue jeans and black converse. Whilst she got changed, I was still rummaging, occasionally sneakily turning round to glance at Kiera, then getting a pillow thrown at me for looking. I pulled on a pair of skinny black jeans, moss green 'Obsession' jumper and a pair of light brown heeled Chelsea boots, I also wrapped a blue bandana around my curly locks. I felt a pair of arms slither around my waist and pull at the front of my jumper. I swivelled around and put my arms around her to. "Yes love?" She put her head on my chest and sniffed. "I don't feel well at all, I feel dizzy and bunged up." I looked down at her and said maybe we should go, she disagreed and said no she wants to go, but I could see she wasn't well so I told her we weren't going. Nodding and finally giving in, she said ok we will stay here, I kissed her forehead and left the room to tell the guys that we weren't going. A night of rest of rest is probably all she needs.


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