Night Changes... (Sequel to Louis Tomlinson's Little Sister!)

So it's been a year since the girls and boys went to London, and the boys auditioned for the X Factor. They made it all the way through the competition and came 3rd. They were gutted.

Even though they didn't win. They hit the world at a storm, never imagining what a big phenomenon they had become. Thousands of screaming fans chasing them and asking for photos, gigs, singles, albums, the lot. They couldn't believe it.


4. Chapter 3- House work debate.

Zayn's P.O.V:

After I said to Kiera to go and take a rest, I closed the door and turned round to Lex. She was stirring, barely awake but not fully asleep. I walked over to her and laid on top of the sheets next to her, taking in all of her features, I found myself just looking at her for a bit and admiring her, how did I manage to get her?? I rested on my left arm, propping myself up on my side and cupped her face with my right hand, rubbing my thumb along her cheek. "Babe." I said in a hushed tone. "Baby." I said in my normal voice. I sat up and she made a croaky groan and just shuffled about in bed. I climbed over her, putting my legs either side of hers and my hands next to her head on the bed, now hanging over her, face to face. She fidgeted some more and then realised I was on top of her. "Babe get of me." She giggled, playfully slapping my arm. I shook my head being stubborn, I tried to hide the sneaky grin on my face but it showed because she had one on her face to. I lent down and kissed her forehead, nose and then finally her plump kissable lips... quite a lot I might add. "What. you. thinking. babe??" I managed to say between kisses. "That. I'm. hungry." She replied. Not the answer I was looking for but I was hungry to. I got up off of her, holding her hands. When she got off the bed I wrapped my arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck, kissing parts of it slowly. Lex giggled at the vibrations and struggled in my arms, jumping about, giggling and squealing because she was tickle-ish. "Come on Mr Malik." I cocked an eyebrow and grinned because she knew I liked her calling me that. I pulled her close but she pushed me away smiling. "Don't tease me babe." I said staring into her blue eyes. They widened and then she put on an innocent face. "I shall do no such thing." She laughed and followed up with "Mr Malik" and ran out the door. "That's it now, I'm gonna get you back Lex!" I shouted and ran after her.


Niall's P.O.V:

When I woke up I heard Kiera coming up the stairs, coughing and sneezing, Zayn and Lex laughing in their room and Harry downstairs. I didn't hear the rest so they must be asleep still. I got straight up to go have a pee and then downstairs. "Mornin' Harold!" I exclaimed cheerfully. "Alright mate." He replied. "Hey would you mind helping me clear up today? Its just Kiera's ill and the girls do most of the tidying so today the boys could do it instead, ya know give them a break." He asked hopefully. I nodded whilst pouring crunchy nut cornflakes into my bowl, splashing milk into the bowl at the same time, because I'm a great at multitasker like that. Sliding in my socks to the draw, I grabbed a spoon and delved into my cereal, man was I hungry. I heard trampling upstairs and then "Mr Malik." Lex came darting down the stairs, got about half way and then Zayn shouted after "That's it now, I'm gonna get you back Lex!" and darted down the stairs catching up with her, he slung her over his shoulder and headed back upstairs, both of them laughing and giggling. Me and Harry looked at each other from the corner of our eyes and carried on with what we were doing. Many things were going through my head but I tried to put them out because, well she's my sister and I don't need or want them thoughts in my head. I stayed downstairs for a bit, not wanting to pass Lex and Zayn's room at the moment. When I finished my cereal I washed up my bowl and put it on the drying rack, washing up any other bits that needed to be. 

"LOUIS, LIAM GET DOWN HERE NOW!" I bellowed. Slowly but surely they trenched down the stairs, rubbing their eyes and running their hands through their hair, occasionally scratching their arses. Liam came into the kitchen and Louis trudged in after, he stopped at the door and picked his boxers out of his arse and picked his nose. "Lou that's nasty" he flicked it at Liam and proceeded to sit down. "Kiera's ill and were going to give the girls a break from house work." They looked confused at me, I took a deep breathe before my next sentence. "We're going to do it instead." They instantly looked at each other and back at me, in sync they shouted "WHAT!?" Harry was leaning against the side holding a tea towel with his arms crossed, looking at the floor with closed eyes, slowly shaking his head. "Boys, we tidy but the girls do most of it because, well let's face it lads, we're lazy shits." Harry pointed out. "But what about Zayn?" Louis asked. I looked at the floor and sighed. "Well erm." I rubbed the back of my neck still looking at the floor, struggling to bring myself to say what they were doing. Harry said it for me, seeing that I was uncomfortable. "Him and Lex at this precise moment in time are.... ya know." He said, thrusting his hips back and forth with power, making a weird face at the same time. The boys face turned into an understanding look, as well as trying to keep their laughs back at the same time. "Ah ok. Don't want to disturb them then?" Liam laughed slapping his knee now creasing up. "NO!" I said sternly. "I'm surprised I didn't hear them on my way down to be fair, after last time. Jeez are they loud sometimes." Louis mocked, making me fidget and get annoyed. "That's enough, go upstairs and get changed so you can help us clean up." Harry said pointing to the stairs. As they left you could hear them laughing hysterically on their way up. 

Lexii's P.O.V:

"Wow" I said pretty breathless. Zayn lay next to me in the same state as me, holding my hand tight. "That was.... um." Zayn was speechless I'm guessing. I have to admit that was great , you know what, maybe the best we've had or done. As I pulled myself up and sat on Zayn, a loud banging started on our door. "HAVING FUN?" Louis screamed through the door. Zayn threw a pillow at the door and shouted back "PISS OFF LOU! JUST BECAUSE EL IS AWAY FOR A MONTH AND I'M GETTING MORE THAN YOU!" "I HAVE OTHER WAYS!" He replied and I butted in with "LOUIS TOMLINSON YOUR DISGUSTING!" He laughed and walked off shouting. "ITS TRUE THOUGH!"

I laid my elbows next to Zayn and rested my head on my fists. "What?" He said looking at me confused. "Just, I dunno. I'm feeling very, loved up." Giggling at the last part thinking I sounded cheesy. He mumbled in agreement. He had no energy to hold his own head up so it just flopped back on the pillow, he couldn't say a lot either. Must've really gone for it today. I got up and threw on a grey sweatshirt and a pair of pyjama shorts, I threw Zayn some boxers to put on. He slid them on under the covers and got up after. He stood up and scratched his back for a while. I admired my boyfriend for a long time, looking at every inch of his perfectly sculpted torso and body. I must've been gawping because he bent down to my eye level and from across the room, waved his hands in front of him distracting me. "Like what you see?" He smirked. "Pfft" I said and coughed, still looking at his body. "Finished staring?" "I er, wasn't staring." I lied, rubbing my arm. "Of course you weren't" he smirked. I scoffed. "Says you! You were staring at me earlier when I was asleep!!" He laughed and said "so?"  

I opened the door and begun to walk downstairs with Zayn quickly following, we met Liam and Louis on the stairs coming out of their rooms laughing when they saw us. I shook my head and carried on downstairs. We were greeted in the kitchen by Harry in his boxers as usual, Niall on the sofa, fiddling with the hoover trying to work it, and the washing machine on the go. I was quite shocked to see they managed to get the machine going, I asked "Why is Niall trying to use the hoover, and how come the washing machine is going?" "Well we all agreed that we would give you girls a break from house work because you all seem to do it most of the time. Zayn you have no say really, while we were debating and discussing the situation, you two were having 'fun' upstairs." Harry mentioned making air quotes at the word fun. My eyes widened and I blushed instantly, starting to fidget about. I could feel Zayn's arms tighten around me. "Erm yea man I, I would of helped anyway, we wouldn't of debated." He stuttered rather embarrassed I think. I elbowed him in the guts snapping him out of it. "I'm gonna get some brekky, anyone want any?" Zayn nodded but the other two had already eaten. I made, actually I tried to make pancakes for me and Zayn. I ended up covered in flour. But the pancakes ended up tasting really nice actually.

When we finished eating and chatting to Niall and Hazza we went back upstairs to get ready. I told Zayn I'd be in in a bit, I wanted to check on Kiera first. I slowly creaked the door open to revel Kiera sitting hunched over a pillow holding a box of tissues in one hand and the actual tissues to her red nose with the other. "You alright luvvy?" I asked stupidly. She shook her head, I closed the door behind me and sat on her bed. "Get away, you'll get my lurgi." She mumbled whilst shooing me away. "Eh I'm not bothered." She laughed a bit and blew her nose. "Attractive." "Shut up." She replied. "I feel sick Lex." I pulled her into a hug. "I know, you'll be alright its only a cold or the flu." She sniffed into my sweater and pulled away needing to blow her nose. "Want me to get Harry?" She nodded so I left to go get him. I came back up with Harry and he pulled Ki into a hug. Leaving the room I crept back into our room, hoping Zayn didn't see me. He didn't, he was facing away from me so I took a running jump and floored him. He turned over onto his back, struggling to see because my hair was hanging over his face. "Your really asking for it today aren't you?" "Maybe. I'll let you know later" I cheekily said.

His eyes lit up, he tickled me making me fall off of him to the side on the floor. "Babe..." I managed to say after getting my breath back. He got up from the floor and turned to look at me on the floor. "Yea babe?" "You, need to go downstairs and help tidy up." He just slouched in front of me and put a 'cant be bothered' face on. "Uh, urgh, please babe....Don't make me go down there." He cupped his hands together and shook them in front of him, begging. "Go now. If you don't go, you wont get anything tonight. Remember." I started of, now leaning towards his ear, whispering. "I've still got that leather all in one from the racing." That was enough to make him rush out the door, he closed it and I could hear him run down the stairs, just in a pair of boxers still. I slumped on the bed, I heard Zayn running back up the stairs at a fast pace. Poking his head round the door he said "Promise about tonight." "Go downst-" I got cut of by him trying to make me promise again. "Promise?" His bottom lip and puppy eyes came out, that is how he gets what he likes because he knows I literally cannot say no to him when he's like that. He walked to his draw, still looking at me with puppy eyes and picked out a pair of grey tracksuit bottoms and then walked to his wardrobe and took out a black Nirvana top, laying them on the bed."Arrg you really frustrate me when you do that, you know I bloody cant say no." His face changed into a smile and he laughed letting his head flop down. He eventually slid his clothes on and sat with his feet on the bed and knees up in front of me. "But." His head stiffened and a smirk appeared. "I promise you that I will wear it tonight, just for you my sexy boyfriend." Pouting and narrowing his eyes on me, he pecked me on the lips and left the room closing the door behind him rather happy.


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