Night Changes... (Sequel to Louis Tomlinson's Little Sister!)

So it's been a year since the girls and boys went to London, and the boys auditioned for the X Factor. They made it all the way through the competition and came 3rd. They were gutted.

Even though they didn't win. They hit the world at a storm, never imagining what a big phenomenon they had become. Thousands of screaming fans chasing them and asking for photos, gigs, singles, albums, the lot. They couldn't believe it.


11. Chapter 10- Suits and betting.

Zayn's P.O.V:

~~~A few months later~~~

Kiera and Harry were constantly rushed off their feet, always picking stuff up, dropping stuff off, buying last bits, anything possible. Today i woke up a bit different, I rolled on my side and put my hand in front of me expecting Lex to be there but she wasn't, so i opened my eyes and saw a note. Picking up the letter left on the pillow, I read it still half asleep. It read:

Mr Malik,

Kiera's taken us out to get some last minute bits n bobs and talk about more wedding stuff. I dunno what time I'll be back but I'll see ya some point after 4 ish i reckon. Harry mentioned something to Ki about taking you lads out to get your suits or something later, whatever you get put in i bet you look lush! I'm gunna be eating food tester bits out with Kiera cause she's crap at food choosing, she loves food but ya know she's crap at it, so don't bother cooking food or getting food in for me and the girls. Speak later luvvy, Love you!

I sighed at the note and put it back next to me. Rolling out of bed, i ran my hands through my hair and walked to my draws and slid on a pair of green boxers. I opened the door and went straight in front of me into Harry's room. "Mornin mann." "Morning young Zayn, you alright?" Harry said whilst rubbing his eyes and yawning. "Yea, umm what's this about going out to get our suits or something?" "Oh yea, we might go out and choose them later cause its about time we did really." I nodded and left the room to go and get some breakfast.

I ran downstairs and surprise surprise Niall was already eating food at the table, stuffing it in his mouth like there was no tomorrow. "Mornin Nialler." Looking up from his bowl he said something that was probably meant to sound like "Mornin" but it really sounded like "Morbnin." I put the kettle on and some bread in the toaster, took the butter and milk out the fridge and poured the water into my mug. I spread butter on my toast and took it with me as i sat at the table opposite Niall. I went to eat my toast but i just stopped and was stunned by Niall. "Niall mann how can you eat that fast?" He looked up from his food and shrugged. I just shook my head in amazement and went back to eating my toast. I was deep in thought about something important but Niall waved his hand in front of me breaking me away from my thoughts. Harry slowly paced down the stairs with Lou and Liam behind him, all yawning and scratching their arses. "Alright lads?" They all nodded because they were mid yawn and couldn't talk. Harry leant up against the side, Lou sat on the side and Liam just stood around stretching. "Right boys, we need to get ready and be back by 4-ish because that's when the girls would be back by, we are getting our suits and getting them fitted and all that because, well we need to." "Okay... go over what they're going to look like again." Harry explained them giving me a clear picture in my head. "I dunno about you lot but I'm gonna get ready now." I said whilst standing up and stretching, the other boys followed me up the stairs and we split into our rooms.

I slowly walked to the mirror and sorted my hair out, I left it to grow and its got longer so i put a head band in it to keep it out of my face and put the rest into a low small ponytail. Picking out some clothes, i put on a pair of black skinny ripped jeans, a grey jumper and a pair of black derby shoes with it. I sprayed aftershave on myself as i walked out my door to brush my teeth in the bathroom. In the end, me and the boys were all in the bathroom at one time and i was attempting to squeeze out. "Lou mann move your bum! Niall watch your arm mann. Sorry Harry mate. Urgh I give up." Everyone ended up creasing up and all failed to get out the bathroom, we decided to one by one try and get to the door and it kinda worked but still ended up hurting at some point. "I'M OUT, I IS OUT, LOUIS THE TOMMO TOMLINSON IS OUT, LATERS." "Lou! Save me Lou." Niall whined whilst dragging himself to the door with his arm reaching to Lou. He took Niall's hand and pulled him up from the pile of us, and then Hazza, Liam and then me as i was at the bottom. After a hurtful and eventful half hour, we got into my car as Lou forgot to pay his MOT.

Speeding off to One directions personal tailor, we put the radio on and rock me roared from the speakers, we bellowed it inside the car and must've looked like mad men from the outside, throwing our heads back and forth, Niall doing his air guitar solo in the back, Harry, Lou and Liam singing into their water bottles as if they were microphones, and I was driving so I was singing very loudly with air grabs and hand gestures, hitting the live rock me note even if it wasn't on the normal version. When we arrived the song finished as well and we just fell to pieces with laughter, holding our heads and crunching over. We eventually calmed down and made our way into the tailors, a man waltzed over to us and immediately greeted us as we knew him well, he hand made all our suits if they were needed. "Ah Zayn, you ok? Something's different about you. Hair?" William questioned cheerfully whilst grabbing my shoulder and shaking it a bit. "Yea I grew it out a bit. How about yourself Will you ok?" "Good thanks for asking. Harry you good? Grew your hair to I see." He said chuckling. "Liam, may have to take some extra measures for your arms they've grown out again." Liam laughed and rubbed his arms whilst Will complimented Lou's beard and Niall's outfit. Clapping his hands together, Will stated, "Right, lets get measuring!" We nodded and followed him into the back room, and one by one we stood on a platform and he precisely measured every part of us. Harry described the suits and Will pinned material around us and chalked stuff onto it and said to Harry they'd be done in a couple of weeks.

We paid, said goodbye to Will and got back into the car, checking the time. "Shite! The girls will be home soon!" Harry yelled. We all jumped out of our skin and then asked why he was so desperate to be back before the girls. "Well i made a bet with Kiera that she and the girls would take longer than us, so i need to prove her wrong." "How much did you bet?" Lou questioned. "£50.." "Well its 4:15 and they're home at 4:30." I pointed out. "Step on it then!" Harry said jumping in his seat. I put my foot down and we were speeding through the streets. We got home a lot quicker than i thought and Harry leaped out the car and fiddled with his keys trying to find the right one. I waked up to him and looked straight at him and then at the door handle, i placed my hand down on it and pushed it down letting the door swing open. Harry groaned and swung his head back knowing the girls were already here because the door was unlocked. He looked at the rest of the lads and Niall was on the gravel rolling about in fits of laughter, I have to admit Harold's facial expression was priceless and funny. He trudged thorough the hallway and into the front room, revealing the girls laughing and smiling. Turning around to see Harry , Kiera put out her hand and he handed her the bet money, reluctantly i might add.

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