How Did We End Up Here?

Grace would rather be sitting at home than go to the One Direction concert with her bestie, Ella. She changes her mind when she meets a certain Aussie boy by the name of Ashton.


1. Why?!?!?!

Grace's P.O.V.

I was nicely sitting on my couch when my friend Ella called me. "Hello,"I said. She screamed into the phone. "Ella what happened,"I said concerned about my friend. "Oh, nothing except that I got tickets to the One Direction concert!" "No way,"I said sarcastically. "Grace, you should come, I know you like Niall,"she said, and I knew she smirked. Shit. She found my weakness. 

Ella's P.O.V.

Yes. I had her sold now! "Fine I'll come, who else is coming with us?""I'm also dragging along Madeline and Madi,"I said smiling knowing it would take a little while to convince Madeline. "Okay,"she said. "I'll pick you up tomorrow okay?" "Okay,"she said groaning knowing I have a car before her. Yes, I'm younger but she 'accidentally' crashed into her lifetime enemy's yard. I immediately called Madi and when I told her she was coming she was so excited! Madeline, not so much. It took a little convincing, but she finally caved in. I went to sleep smiling. 

Grace's P.O.V.

I woke up and my mom and dad weren't home. That's funny they're usually here. I looked around and I found a note saying they got an important call and that they were going to be gone until Wenesday. I forgot about the concert, until Ella texted me saying that she was going to pick me up in 30 minutes. I rushed up to my room to find a cute concert outfit. 

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