How Did We End Up Here?

Grace would rather be sitting at home than go to the One Direction concert with her bestie, Ella. She changes her mind when she meets a certain Aussie boy by the name of Ashton.


3. Concert Time!

Ella's P.O.V.

Okay, so the only reason I got tickets is because my birthday is coming up and my mum knew that I loved 5SOS and got me 4 tickets. Yes, I am only going because I LOVE 5SOS, but One Direction is pretty awesome too. I got in my car to go pick up Grace, I live alone so I just locked the door. Oh, and also I wore a red skater skirt a black and white 5SOS shirt and a red bandana. As for my makeup, I wore a fake eyelashes a coat os mascara and some red lipstick. I drove to Grace's house and she was standing outside waiting. She was wearing a cute camo bandana with a cute camo shirt that said love on it. We drove over to Madi and Madeline's houses. Madi practically jumped into my car. We got to the concert and stood in line for about ten minutes. Did I also mention my mum got me backstage passes? No? 5SOS came on and I screamed as well as the other 1,500 people. When Luke wasn't singing I screamed at the top of my lungs,"I LOVE YOU LUKE!" Sure people stared at me, but it was worth it. He said,"I love you too." My heart leaped and I almost fainted. The rest of the concert, he kept staring at me. He winked at me once, and smiled at me twice. At the end of the concert, I almost fainted. 

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