Jackie never fit in, when she was accepted to Hogwarts, she expected things to be different, but they got worse. As her family deserts her and she struggles with making a friend, will Jackie make it at her first year at Hogwarts?


3. The First Day

When I woke up I got dressed quickly and hurried down to the great hall. I wanted to avoid Krissy and Robin. I sat down and ate a quick breakfast. I wanted to get to the library, my mum had told me that it was amazing, and I wanted to see it for myself. Also, I wanted to avoid sitting alone for the whole breakfast. 

Just as I was getting up I heard the screech of an owl. Then another one, and another! I looked up and saw hundreds of owls soar into the room. I scanned the room for one of my families owls. I saw Mums and Dad's owl fly to Jenna and Jacob. I looked around for another owl from my family.


I spun around as my older sister, Juliet's, owl landed on the table behind me. Juliet had named her owl Screech because of the loud sounds it made. Juliet is fourteen, and she's a squib. She's surprisingly close to me. I don't fight with her nearly as much as I do with Jacob and Jenna. This might sound lame, but she was the perfect older sister, and she was pretty much my best friend. The owl was holding a parcel. Scrawled on top with mum's messy handwriting it said

We're sending all of the family owls to different people. That's why you got Screech. Here is some stuff that you forgot.

In my dad's small handwriting it said

Miss you Jackie

Underneath my parent's notes Juliet had written in a sparkly green gel pen in big loopy letters

Congrats on Slytherin! I miss you already. I hope that you have an AWESOME year and Hogwarts. I just wish that I could be there with you. xoxo -Juliet

I tore open the parcel to see what my mum thought I had forgotten. To my embarrassment, inside the parcel there was a stack of underwear, my old teddy bear, a pocket dictionary, and my old diary. I blushed and looked around to see if anyone had seen what I had been sent. I didn't think anyone had, but I quickly wrapped up the things in the paper and hurried up to my room to put it away. 

I threw my things into an empty drawer (except for the underwear, which I put in my underwear and sock drawer). I looked at the clock. It was 7:45, my first call started at 8:00. I decided that I didn't have time to go to the library, and the dorm was empty now, so I sat on my bed and stared at the ceiling. Hopefully I would be able to make a friend today. As lame as it sounded, I needed one. 

So, I straightened my tie, smoothed my robes, brushed my hair one last time, and started walking to the potions room with my things. I scanned my schedule and saw that I had this class with Ravenclaw, so I would be able to see Jenna and Jacob.

When I got to the room Jenna was already sitting was a girl. I walked up behind her and tapped her shoulder. Jenna spun around.

"Hey," she said.

The girl next to her turned around too, and she was pretty weird looking. Half of her hair was shaved and the rest of it was purple. She had small gold hoops for earrings and too much purple eye shadow. She waved at me. I waved back.

"I'm Devin," she told me.

"I'm Jackie," I said, "I'm Jenna's sister,"

"Oh, that Jackie!" She exclaimed, "Jenna did say something about you and Jacob,"

"So," I said awkwardly, trying to imply that I wanted to sit where Devin was sitting.

I twisted my hands together and stared at the ground. Jenna and Devin turned around.

"I'll see you after class," Jenna said, clearly implying that she was sitting with Devin and she wanted me to get lost.

So I looked for Jacob. I scanned the room and saw him sitting with a large group of guys. I caught his eye and he smiled, but looked away. I was clearly not wanted in that cluster of boys either. I found an empty seat in the back of the class and slipped into it. 

I put my head in my hands until Professor Snape said something and I looked up at him. Professor Snape started to talk about potions and whatever, but I couldn't concentrate on anything but the fact that Jenna and Jacob had friends already, and were ditching me for them. About ten minutes after class had started a figure slid into the seat next to me. 

I turned my head and saw a guy in Slytherin robes sitting next to me. Not just any guy either, a hot guy. He had tousled blond hair and bright blue eyes. He was smiling and his straight teeth sparkled in the light. 

"I'm Drew," he told me, "and I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention to anyone that I'm a little late,"

"Of course I won't, " I said with a goofy grin, "I'm Jackie,"

"Hi, Jackie," Drew said before turning around and looked at Professor Snape.

I felt my heart twinge with a weird felling. When I looked at him the same twinge happened every time. When potions was over he stood up and asked me what class I had next.



So we walked to Herbology together. Jacob and Jenna had both left the dungeon in a flurry without even a glance in my direction. Once we got to Herbology, Drew sat next to me. Throughout the class he would give me small smiles. He would run his fingers through his hair, making it hard for me to concentrate. 

He wasn't in Charms or Transfiguration with me, but we had boring History of Magic together. For Astronomy and Defense Against the Dark Arts we were separated as well. However, at the end of the day I learned that he had flying coaching with me.

We walked out to the field together and Madam Hooch started coaching us on how to take of on a broom. When we started to hover Drew was perfect. but I lost control of the broom and started flying all around the field. Madam Hooch yelled at me to come down but i was stuck up there for a good three minutes before I fell of my broom and landed in the dirt. Everyone laughed. I wanted to die. 

"Are you alright?" Madam Hooch asked.

"Fine," I mumbled.

Embarrassed I picked up my broom and walked to the outskirts of the crowd. I tried to do better for the rest of class, but I knew I wasn't ever going to be on the Slytherin Quidditch team. Not that I wanted to anyways. At diner I sat next to Drew. He barely talked to me, but he did reach over and brush a little bit of dirt off my face. I felt my cheeks heat up. 

After diner  walked back to my room and read for ours, trying to block out reality, before I settled into bed and pulled the pillow over my head so I wouldn't hear my room-mate's chatter. I fell into a deep sleep filled with dreams of Drew.

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