Jackie never fit in, when she was accepted to Hogwarts, she expected things to be different, but they got worse. As her family deserts her and she struggles with making a friend, will Jackie make it at her first year at Hogwarts?


4. The Drew I (Thought) I Knew

The Drew I thought I knew was sweet and compassionate. The Drew I thought I knew was my friend, maybe even more. I really thought I knew him.

Okay, so I had only known him for two days, but those two days were great. On my second day of school I sat with Drew whenever I could. In class we wrote notes to each other and whispered. We ate lunch and dinner next to each other. After classes were over he helped me with homework in the library (which is amazing). 

He leaned in close to me and he smelled like he had swam in a pool of flowers. He took my hand and wrote thing with my hand. He gave me answers and I gave him some. He doodled hearts on the top of my homework and drew a pictured of us on his. He rubbed noses with me and smiled at me. 

After studying he took me back to my room and he held my hand!!! He stopped in front of the entrance to the Slytherin girls rooms and squeezed my hand before letting go. Then he folded me into a warm hug and didn't let go for a long time. 

"Good night," he said to me with a smile when we were done hugging.

"Good night," I replied happily.

My dreams were full of my love for Drew and I was excited to see him the next morning.

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