Jackie never fit in, when she was accepted to Hogwarts, she expected things to be different, but they got worse. As her family deserts her and she struggles with making a friend, will Jackie make it at her first year at Hogwarts?


12. Summer: 7 months later

I got off the train with my brother and sister. I hugged my best friend Melissa one last time before starting to look for my family.

"I'll miss you," Melissa said.

"I'll miss you too," I said back.

Melissa was a Slytherin. I hadn't really noticed her until I got back to school after Juliet was awake. That was when I realized that I was never really making an effort to actually make friends. I was just expecting people to make friends with me. Melissa's nice, funny, smart and beautiful. She has long, straight strawberry blond hair and actual pure green eyes. Only two percent of people in the world have real green eyes and Melissa is one of those two percent people! Her green robes ad tie really bring out her eyes and she likes to wear green hair pins. She's skinny and tan. She's pretty short, a little bit smaller than me, making her even more cute looking and desirable. I wish I looked like her. 

When I finally untangled my arms with hers, she smiled and me then ran off to find her family. I found Jacob and Jenna and we started to look for our family. Jacob saw them first. He set off running and everyone followed. I first wrapped my arms around Juliet. I hadn't seen her since she first woke up in December. I knew that she had gone through a lot of therapy, but she finally overcame her depression. I hugged my parents too, then we started off toward the car as one family. One sort of broken, not-so-normal, dysfunctional family. But honestly, I didn't even mind.  

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