Jackie never fit in, when she was accepted to Hogwarts, she expected things to be different, but they got worse. As her family deserts her and she struggles with making a friend, will Jackie make it at her first year at Hogwarts?


9. Avada Kedavra

Someone urgently shook me awake. I woke up and stared right at Professor Snape. He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of bed.

"What is it?" I asked, alarmed.

"It's your sister. The older one that's at your house. She's hurt. Professor Dumbledore will explain more to you," Professor Snape said.

I stumbled behind him as he pulled me into the headmaster's office. Jenna and Jacob were already there with Professor Dumbledore. Jenna and Jacob were in pajamas like me. They looked like they could  have fallen asleep on the floor if they were allowed too. I was wide awake though, anxious to learn about Juliet. 

"What happened to Juliet?" I asked.

Dumbledore took a deep breath and looked at my siblings and me. 

"Juliet made a bold decision. She decided that this was not a world she wanted to live in anymore," Professor Dumbledore started.

The words spun in my head, clanging around like metal. Juliet decided that this wasn't a world she wanted to live in anymore. Juliet had killed herself. She was gone. She was gone and she wasn't coming back. She had committed suicide. SUICIDE. 

"NO!" I shouted, "no, no, no, no, no. Juliet can't be... be,"

"Juliet is not dead. She attempted to kill herself with the killing curse. However, she is a squib and she was using her mother's wand, so they spell didn't work exactly right. Your sister is harmed, but not dead," he continued.

She wasn't dead. She wasn't dead! She was alive! Juliet was alive! 

"I need to see her!" I said.

Tears of joy fell form my eyes. I wasn't embarrassed, I was too happy to be. 

"Of course," Dumbledore said, "She is at St Mungo's. You three will be going there by port key as soon as your ready and I will go with you,"

"I need to go now!" I said.

"Jackie's right. I can't wait. I want to go now," Jenna said and Jacob nodded. 

Dumbledore pointed to a cracked mirror on his desk. 

"I need each of you to grab onto it. I'll count to five and if one of you isn't on, you'll be left behind. Remember to hold on tight," Dumbledore instructed. 

"One two three," I grabbed the mirror. So did Jenna, "four," Jacob grabbed the edge of the mirror with Dumbledore,"five!"

The entire world dissolved around me and I was spinning around and around, clutching on tightly to the mirror. My head spun. I could hear Jenna screaming and the wind rushing in my ears.

"Let go," Dumbledore said.

I let go and i was falling through the air. I screamed and landed on the tile floor of St Mungo's hospital lobby. I heard Jacob and Jenna land next to me. I rolled over and looked up. Dumbledore walked down the air and landed gracefully before helping us up. I stared at my siblings. Then, Jenna pulled Jacob and me into a hug. When we were done hugging we ran down the halls.

We stopped in front of room 403, Juliet's room. I opened the door and all four of us walked in. Mum and Dad pulled me into a hug. Juliet was laying on the bed. Her eyes were closed and she wasn't moving. She deep deep breathes every few seconds. Her hair was spread out around her like a halo. Cuts and bruises covered her body. 

"She'll be asleep for a very long time. We don't know when she'll wake up. It's not a coma, but she is very lucky to have survived. As you can see she will have many cuts and bruises. There is a chance of paralysis in her right hand and she is going to need not only physically mental treatment but also mental therapy. She had been self harming for a while," A young nurse informed us.

the nurse held up Juliet's arm, which was covered in cuts.

"These cuts are not from the curse," she said sadly.

I couldn't believe it. I had been so stupid. I knew Juliet had sounded sad in her letters, but she was depressed and she was cutting herself. I had just let it happen. Now Juliet could die. 

"Will Juliet die?" I asked.

A cold silence filled the air. I turned around.

"Probably not, but this curse is powerful." the nurse said.

I walked out. I didn't want to listen any more. 

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