She changed me...

Justin Bieber finds himself fighting his inner demons. Along the way he meets a girl named Leigha. She herself goes through some hardships but stays true to who she is. Justin hasnt been himself for a long time and wants to change. However he needs to be reassured that Leigha wants to he with him for him and not his money. Will Leigha and Justin be able to get through tough obstacles? Will their relastionship survive? Is love ever enough?


1. Hurt

Its okay to be different I guess, sometimes being different means that you can end up being the outcast. Sometimes I feel like im an alien in my own body. All these drugs, these late night outs and all this groupies who obviously don't give a crap about me just the cash money thats flowing non stop out of MY pocket. My girlfriend left me and I still keep in touch with my family every now and then. People see me as a brat who got lucky, but no one can see that im hurting behind this red eyes and shades.


JB: Light me up another blunt there Franky

Franky: Ayt! 


Franky I met in a club been my friend ever since. This guy has been my homie no money involved. He helps me pick out the bad from the good.....or not really especially when it comes to weed.


Life is hard for me right now.


Franky: Yo JB, I see you looking alittle out of it. Like you trying to hide away bro.

JB: Im just letting them feelings flow outa my mind, these people who wana be my friend just arent to kind.

Franky: These niggas are triflin want that cash money in my pockets, when they see that green, their eyes fall out of their sockets!


Myself and Franky would always have these random rap sessions. I did it when ever Franky would try get all sentimental on me. I couldnt deal with all that right now.

Weird thing is im sad but I pretty much have everything. I have the money, the fame, the cars, all the girls want me what more could I ask for? I guess I just want true love.


Franky: Justin just because I met you in a club doesnt mean I dont have a heart, I can see you hurting.

JB: Annnnnd thats my cue 

Franky: JB Im just tryna be a good bud

JB : You come here to chill and smoke some dope with me, yet you tryna get some emotional shit outa me? Fuck this im out!

Franky: Bro I just tryna help.

JB: Well I dont need it.


I cant take this, the interrogation. I stormed out and and got into my car. I headed towards the lake. That was my place, it was my little piece of heaven. I dont think anyone knew about it. I started thinking about Selena and how she left me and my heart began to hurt literally. I turned up the music. Chris Brown's "Dont think they know" was blaring through my ears. The lyrics so true to how Im feeling.


Dont let them tell you any different

Yeah yeah yeah they dont know about us they dont know about it

I owe it all to you

Yeah yeah yeah they dont know about us they dont know about it

And as much as I messed up, always give me your best love

Yeah yeah yeah they dont know about us they dont know about it

Sometimes I wonder what I did to deseve you


Finally I reached my place. I got out put on my shades and lit yet anothe blunt. I sat up on my favourite rock and looked out at the lake and then I saw her. I took my dark dark shades off, somehow I felt vulnerable my red hazel eyes where now exposed. My pain could clearly be seen. Am I a fucking window that eveyone could see right through me?



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