Ridiculous ( a harry styles fan fiction )

This girl was too cool for lovey dovey things. She hated valentines day. The only thing she ever loved was her skateboard. That was until Harry came along-the flirtatious, sweetheart.


1. Expelled

"Samantha Willis you are expelled." Sam's headtecher, Mr Davis shouted at her followed by a cheeky grin. Sam's mother gasped. First she was upset then she became angry. Sam just replied with, "For the last time, it's Sam not Samantha."

As Julie stormed out of the school, Sam followed behind slowly. she received some whistles from upper years but ignored them all. 

Her mum slammed the car door shut and drove off. The whole journey home she shouted at Sam but she just put her headphones in a didn't take nay notice of what her mum was saying. she drove as fast as she could and nearly crashed 3 times. When the finally got to their sweet little house, Sam went straight up to her bedroom. 

She couldn't stand being in her house so she took her skateboard and jumped out of her window.

she landed onto her back garden and climbed over the fence. her house backed onto a beautiful forest. It looked abandoned and only little light could get into the trees. But she walked over and under plants and branches until she met some leaves. Sam pushed through the leaves and it showed a beautiful waterfall with rocks all around. 

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