Spaces | A Larry AU

Harry is known as the best baker in the town of Doncaster, England. This doesn't nearly compare to the greatly famous Louis Tomlinson, who just happened to live in Doncaster at the time of the UK X-Factor.

Harry Styles moved to Doncaster, England at the age of 14 as a result of his parents divorce. This is where he meets someone new and inviting, not to compare to the people of Cheshire, Harry’s hometown. This is where he meets Louis Tomlinson. He’s in for so much more than a 18-year-old car handle when his best friend, but secret crush, auditions to be a solo artist. Louis didn’t have much faith in himself, while Harry knew he would get in. You can guess who was right.

WARNING: This story may contain homosexuality, sexual situations, dirty humor, etc. If you are uncomfortable with any of these situations, please, do not read on. I really like to continue this story without getting reported. Thank you and happy reading :)

Rated: PG-13


1. Chapter One - Moving Day

“Mum, do we really have to leave?”

I took the last bite of my apple before glancing at the clock. 7:49. A chill blew over me as the front door flew open, inviting my father in who just happened to live here with us- for now.

“Sweetie, you know why we’re leaving…” she trailed off as she tossed spices from the cabinet sadly into a cardboard box. I did know why we were leaving, but I didn’t necessarily understand why. My mum and dad were splitting up, my mother taking me and my father taking my older sister, Gemma. I didn’t like this anymore than Gemma did herself, but there was absolutely nothing we could do about it.

“I know,” I sighed and helped my mother tape up the box. “But I just don’t want to.”

My just awoken sister came slouching down the staircase into the kitchen. Not once did she make eye contact with my mother.

“Hey loser,” she said shoving me jokingly, trying to lighten up the mood. I grinned a bit, trying to hide it. Though, she knew that it wouldn’t take away the reality; I was losing my sister and my dad. Unlike most divorces, this divorce is ‘I take one kid and you take the other’. End of story. That’s what upset me the most.

Gemma was eighteen at the time, while I was fourteen, nearly fifteen in a few months. She had so many friends, even a pretty attractive boyfriend as well, that she had to leave all behind because of our parents. She was angrier at mum than anything. This is because not only did she divorce our father, but she stuck Gemma with him instead of keeping her. Of course, anyone would be offended if they were put with the problem, the reason the entire divorce happened, but thank god it wasn’t me.

My dad faintly smiled at me as he scoured for more moving boxes to pack in the truck. He knew it was too risky to talk with how sensitive my mum’s been lately, which was probably his best bet. When he found some boxes in the living room he went back to the truck. This was my time to ask.

“Hey mum,” I said shakily. She quickly turned and replied with a nod. “I was just wondering…” I started and then began to reconsider if this was a good or bad idea to talk about, especially in front of Gemma.

“I know that you and dad are divorced now, and because it was dad’s fault, why’d you have to split Gemma and I?” I could practically hear Gemma’s eyes switch over to mother, watching her every move.

“Well,” She turned back to the cabinet and began frantically knocking things in the box, as if she were nervous or hiding something. “Your father still needs to see…” She fumbled her words trying to find the best way to come about the subject. “We decided as a couple…” she stopped again. They aren’t a couple anymore. She finished closing the box and kneeled down to my level.

“Your father knows he has a problem,” She said in a hushed tone, just quietly enough that Gemma could barely hear. She leaned closer, but my mother never noticed as her eyes were glued to me. “That being said, you sister is older and more mature, so I thought she could handle your father much better and a shorter amount of time than you since she’ll be going to a university soon. Plus, you’ve barely grown to know who you are as a boy- man. This is how’s it going to be from now on. You will only be able to-“

She was cut off by my father re-entering the room, shivering from the brisk air that swam outside. She glared at him and stood back to her own height, brushing off her jeans and lifting the heavy box of silverware and spices out to our moving truck. I didn’t like the way that sounded. It was like I would never see Gemma or dad again. But maybe I wouldn’t.

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