Tell Me Why

"You don't understand why I even live anymore, do you...?" It was the first time she heard him speak so softly, his sudden question catching her by surprise.


2. Prologue

   He had these mysterious emerald eyes that always scanned his surroundings for something, anything, something secret, missed by the unseeing eyes of everyone around him. His pure white smile was unnaturally charming and made his handsome features seem all too real. He always spoke with such a smooth, gentle voice that could tame the wildest beings. The ways words rolled off his tongue could make anyone's knees weak or their entire body to freeze up with fear. His pitch black hair would cover his brilliant eyes when he had a trick up his sleeve. His height could intimidate anyone under six feet, but he paid attention to such details about himself.

   “Is there a problem...?” He asked, almost purring. His hands were up, a smirk on his pale lips as the older man pointed a gun at him with shaky hands.

   “Y-You're done, I don't own him anything!” The terrified man stared at him with wide eyes and gulped as he tightened his grip on the gun.

   His bright eyes watched as the man tried to pull back on the trigger. The gunshot echoed through the street, blood splattering all over the both of them. The man's eyes widened as a devilish grin formed on the handsome boy's lips. He watched the man's body go limp, falling to the ground.


   “Sixty-three year old Ryan Brooke was kill-” He shut off the television, his face still and emotionless. Outside he was calm, but on the inside he was filled with guilt and panic.

   “Why do I do this...?” His though bounced around in his head as his leg began to bounce with every beat of his heart.

  “Tyson, that was sloppy.” He heard his uncle say through clenched teeth.

  “I don't care.” He hissed.


   He rose to his feet and looked his uncle dead in the eyes. “This was never my choice. You took me and tricked me. I was too young and you made me think this was right!”

   “You were born for it.”

   “No, I was born to be a normal person, but you took me.”

   “They weren't useful to you.”

   “They were my parents!”

   “I'm more helpful than they were.”

   “I'm leaving.”

   “You can't. This is in your head, it's what you thirst for. You can never stop.”

   “I will stop!”

   He headed off to his 'room', slamming the door. He pulled out his old backpack fro his closet and began packing things of importance. He wanted to leave, he wanted to have his own life, he didn't want to do this anymore.


   A shaky sigh left her lips, her body shaking. She didn't know what was wrong with her, she just knew he didn't want her. He wanted to get rid of her. He would do it anyway he could. She didn't know what was going to happen. Her door was thrown open and she screamed as he grabbed her by the hair, pulling her down the hallway. She was crying as she was forced on her knees and had a gun pressed to her head. She heard a gunshot, making her cry harder, but she didn't feel pain. It took her a moment before she realised she wasn't the one for was shot. She looked up and screamed. The figure didn't see her, nor did he care to.


   She watched the dark figure take the wallet of her dead father and take the money from it, leaving moments later. She was scared and confused, almost wanting to go after him and ask him who he was. She didn't move a muscle. She was terrified to, staying still and crying,


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