The first time i met you i new it was love

Brooke Irwin was an ordinary girl until the accident happen which resulted in her father dying.

Since then her mother abuses her because she blames Brooke for what happened to her husband.her unaware brother, Ashton Irwin becomes famous in Australia.

One day Brooke's mother tells her that they are moving Australia to be with Ashton. Brooke's heart breaks when se hears the news but when she mets the well known Luke hemming her whole life changes...


2. chapter 2

"What?" I asked with a confused look on my face "but we're in England, Australia is a completely different country" "exactly!" My mum stated " you won't be on your own completely we are going to be living next door to Ashton" Ashton was my brother and he left and abandoned me with her when I was 14, I'm now 18 and Ashton is 20.

I have missed him so much over the past 4year I couldn't wait to see his smile and give him a massive bear hug. But what about my friends, what about Ryan. "Go and pack NOW!! We need to leave in an hour!"

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