The first time i met you i new it was love

Brooke Irwin was an ordinary girl until the accident happen which resulted in her father dying.

Since then her mother abuses her because she blames Brooke for what happened to her husband.her unaware brother, Ashton Irwin becomes famous in Australia.

One day Brooke's mother tells her that they are moving Australia to be with Ashton. Brooke's heart breaks when se hears the news but when she mets the well known Luke hemming her whole life changes...


1. chapter 1

As I walked out of school with my best friend Meghan I see my gorgeous boyfriend Ryan. I run up to where he was standing and wrap my arms around his neck. "Did you miss me" I asked but got no reply just a kiss on my cheek. " you wanna go then?" "Ok" I replied and all three of us left school.

We all lived fairly close to each other so that's why we walked together. By the time we got to my house It was only me and Ryan. As I've gone to walk in I felt a strong hand around my wrist, and started to pull me towards them. As I looked round I saw Ryan holding my wrist firmly and he pulled me in to him he kissed my lip with care and affection.

Our kiss didn't last long because it was interrupted by my mother, who was screaming my name. " I've got to go Ryan" "ok see you on Monday". He let go of my wrist and I walked up my pathway in in through the front door. " WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN !!!" "Nowhere I was walking back from school with Meghan and Ryan" "WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME !" She said screaming in my ear " I DONT NEED TO TELL YOU ANYTHING !" I said now shouting back at her.

I turn my back to her and headed to my room " YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE !!" she shouted whilst pulling me to the floor by my long, brown hair. As I fell to the floor my once loving mother began to kick and punch me all over my body. I was crying for help when I saw a hardback book next to me. I through it with all my might, as it hit her in the face and she stopped beating so she could cover her face with her hands.

I scurried up from the wooden floor and ran up the stair and straight in to my room, locking the door behind me. I went straight to the bathroom and looked at my blood covered face in the mirror. my eye was swollen and my lip had a massive gash in it. Bruises began to appear on my face and all over my body.

I turned to the cabinet behind me and took out some plasters and plastered them over my face. After I had finished applying them it looked like I had been in a match with mike Tyson. I walked back down stairs and saw my mother sitting on the sofa.

Her eyes found me and my body suddenly became tense " I have something to tell you Brooke, this town, this country it's evil so we are moving. Moving somewhere evil shouldn't find us" "where are we going?" I questioned " we are moving to Australia, today!"

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