A steampunk series thats set in a fictional world of Orion, a dwelling city of inventors, royalty and more commonly known for its military and medicine advances. A war is on its way to Orion but can be stopped, the best of the best are sent out to aid in the suicide mission that is blending in with the enemy. Its a story of adventure, humour and romance.


1. Prologue

The sound of the office door awakened me. I tilted my head off to the side in protest in what or who was coming. I heard footsteps come near me, getting louder and clearer as they got closer.

"Well what do we have here?"

Despite the voice being reasonably close to me, it was still hard to make out who was addressing me at this time.

"Don't be like that commander" the voice spoke again in a more gentle tone than before. "Its time to get up off that old desk"

I managed to let out a yawn as i tilted my head to the source of the voice. I couldn't make out the voices face, what a bother i must say. I rubbed my eyes in case they were a bit burry.

"Oh i'm sorry princess, is a desk not a suitable place for me to sleep?'

The voice clearly showed a bit of hesitation during that brief silence i was waiting for an response from it.

"Of course of not commander, though it could result in back pains"

I groaned, out of all the things i could have been bothered by this morning, it absolutely had to be back pains and how i should sleep in a normal position, complete bullshit to me.

"Anyways, I'm not here to bother you-"

"Then why are you here?"

"Right, her highness is requesting your presence in the southern study"

"What the fuck does my grandmother want this time.." i muttered to myself.

"Did you say someth-"

"Of course not, ill be on my way right now"

I picked myself up off the table and proceeded to walk towards the door, but still i couldn't see anything through my eyes. I roughly made out the shape of the door as i was slowly walking towards where i think it should be. I exited the room without any word to the person whom I've left behind in my office.

I was making my way though the halls towards my current destination, the early morning sun shone through the stained windows along the hall, there were doors on my left that lead to rooms I've never been in despite all the years I've lived here.

The southern study was located where many would think, on the south wing of the castle but its exact location was commonly known as the southern tower. After a while of walking, i eventually neared towards the staircase leading up to the tower.

Upon reaching the peak of the stairs, i am greeted by one of my grandmothers many servants, in this case, I'm greeted by a maid named Cassandra.

"Good morning commander, her majesty awaits you in the study right now"

I give the maid a slight nod as i walk past her towards the door, as soon as i reach the door the maid proceeds to open the door for me and closes it as i enter the room. As the door closes behind me i notice the devil herself sitting with her back towards facing the window.

"Please do sit down beside me dear, the view is wonderful at this time in the morning"

I walk up to the lounge chair to sit down, despite the chairs softness i cant find myself to relax while sitting. A butler comes up to me to offer me tea but i politely refuse the offer, tea makes me sick in the morning

"Your probably wondering why i called for you this early in the morning"

"I obviously look confused don't i?"

"Yes you do, now sit up straight"

Again with the back problems huh?

"Well, why have you made me come up here?"

"I made you come because we important issues to discuss"

"What issues? i don't see no issues anywhere"

"Your more than ready to wed, you have been for the past 3 years and yet i don't see you with any fiancés"

"Not my fault I'm not that desirable or that i find most of the possible ones completely hopeless with me"

"The point is, you now have a fiancé, end of story"

Your fucking joking you old hag

A rush of cold air went through me in that moment, she better be fucking not be serious about this. My eyesight had now become more blurry before, to make it worse my head now felt light. Oh is that a closing darkness i see? Marvellous, id rather pass out than continue talking to her. And as if on cue, i collapse on the ground with a loud thump.

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