in the details

Bellamy is your typical high school kid. Socially awkward, sucks when it comes to Spanish and falls in love with the wrong kind.
Well, the two first statements was something he was clever enough to know beforehand, but the last was not on the cards.
Because Bellamy's old childhood crush, Anya Renelle, gets touched by a demon, causing her to lose her humanity little by little. Causing her to enjoy the feeling of blood on her hands. All that change of behavior happened in a single heartbeat. Or so Bellamy thought.
And as he starts to see the monster evolving inside of her, he comes to the realization that the darkness might already have consumed the once 'pure at heart' girl.


2. prologue


The most beautiful things in the world are the most terrifying. Maybe it’s because they are somehow stronger since the appearance is more appealing.

Bellamy always had the other thought. That the most beautiful things in the world are the most calming. He thought that he had figured it out, when he looked into those eyes, those eyes that belonged to her.

The thing is that it’s first when the beautiful gets replaced with the ugly - the horrifying - that we realize the true loss of beauty. Perhaps it’s quite sad.

It was at least in their case.

She was gorgeous in his eyes and when he found her with blood on her skin and not in her veins he had pushed the reality away. She was gone. This was not her. This creature, this thing, had replaced the once beautiful and innocent girl he had grown fond of all those years ago.

He doesn’t seem to realize that the girl is her. She’s not gone.

Although, she sees it and since all the beauty is no longer apart of her, she smiles at him. She doesn’t fell the loss he does and she might not be going to.

Anya has the impression that Bellamy is blind, stupid even, and that makes her somehow happy. It’s somehow satisfying to know that despite your actions a person such as him yet still can’t see the truth that is as clear as the blood on her skin.

Her smile slowly fades as she comes to the realization that she knows that it’s just a matter of time before she no longer carries the strength to hold herself back. One day, she says to herself, as he stands up and turns around to leave. One day.

One day he’ll die.

Perhaps he heard her own thoughts because he then turns around facing her once more. He says her name once and then a lie, a lie he doesn’t even know himself. “This isn’t you.”

The wide smile reappears on her face and if a stranger passed them, he might’ve assumed that she was psychotic.
“Oh, well you see… It’s me, darling.”

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