The Alpha's Mate.

16-year-old Tara Mathews is a goody two shoes with a bright future ahead of her. But, what happens when she gets mixed up with a pack of werewolves and the Alpha says she's his mate. Read the story to find out.


1. The New Kids

I sit in the back row of the now mostly empty classroom. A few minutes before, Our teacher assigned most of our homeroom into different classes in order to make room for the new students. At the beginning of the week, our principal informed us all that we will be getting a group of new students from a couple of towns over. Nobody really knows anything about them. Not that anyone would tell me even if they did. Now, as I sit in the back of the classroom, I start to wonder what the new kids will be like. I take out my English notebook and get ready for when Mr. Edwards begins the lesson. As I silently go over the lesson by myself, the classroom door opens and a whole bunch of teenagers wearing black spill in and start choosing their seats. They are like nothing I have ever seen before. Some of the guys were wearing black hoodies or jackets, and others were wearing plaid button-down shirts, left unbuttoned to reveal white or grey undershirts. The girls, however, were wearing black leather mini skirts with crop tops, or short black dresses. All of the girls were wearing heels. As they all start choosing seats some of. The girls sit on guys' laps and some gather in groups whispering to each other. Mr. Edwards claps his hands loudly to get everybody's attention. Everybody slowly starts to quiet down.
"Now I know that you are all excited about being in a new school, but you have to respect our rules and the other students around you."
They all sat and stared at him before erupting into conversation once again. As I sit and watch the kids, a sharp, shrill whistle cuts through the room. All conversation abruptly stops and everyone turns towards the doorway. A tall boy with black hair and blue eyes stood the staring back at us. Judging by the way they all acted when he showed up, he's the leader.
"You should do as he says. After all, this is their school."
After he finished his sentence, everybody stopped talking, sat in their own seats, and faced the front of the room awaiting Mr. Edwards instructions. Mr. Edwards looks over at the boy.
"Thank you Mr. Hall. I appreciate the help."
 The boy nods his head curtly, and then sits right in the middle of the room. Mr. Edwards starts the lesson off by explaining how dependent and independent clauses work. About half way through the lesson there's a knock on the door. The door opens to reveal my elder brother Michael.
Our mom left after I was born and our dad went to prison for killing a stranger in a bar fight when I was seven. We were both sent to a Foster Home, where we stayed until about six months ago. My brother has been like a father to me my whole life.
Mr. Edwards looks at my brother questioninglly.
"Sorry to interupt Mr. Edwards, but I needed to talk to my sister for a second."
Mr. Edwards sighs. "Very well Mr. Mathews, make it quick."
My brother nods his head and walks down the isle towards my desk. He pulls something out of his jeans pocket and places it in front of me on the desk. My phone.
"You forgot this on the kitchen counter. I told you to make sure that you always have it with you. Don't forget it again, okay?"
I nod and smile as he kisses the top of my head before exiting the room. I grab my phone off of the desk and place it in the front pouch of my backpack. As I straighten up, I realize that everyone is staring at me. Mr. Edwards goes on with the lesson as the rest of the class keeps staring at me, as if I were an extraterrestrial or something. I quickly look down at my book and try to concentrate on the work. When I look up again, everyone is turned back around, all except him. He sits there staring at me intently. I sit there frozen, not sure what to do. At that moment a loud ringing sound echoes throughout the school. Talk about saved by the bell.


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