Moonshine And Mistletoe

Moonshine & Mistletoe-the story of Willow Gullers brother who went missing several decades ago, pronounced dead by the police. The story of a man who never truly existed. The story of two siblings who were not born for the safety of the people around them. The people investigating will stay safe from the Gullers. Or will they?


1. Prologue.

        The leader stood at the front of the room, arms crossed firmly at his chest. Eyeing over his group, he noticed a few of them yawn and glance curiously at their packs. They were, as he constantly told them, 'a clever bunch that could be overly sarcastic every time they moved or spoke.' Time to get started with it, then. 

        "You are probably wondering why I brought you all here today on such short notice. You may notice that on each of your desks there is a file with the words 'Moonshine And Mistletoe.' Yes, yes, I have seen the curious looks and obviously humorous thoughts crossing your minds, but please, bear with, it'll all be explained very shortly. I'd like to thank how many of you managed to arrive, given the time of day and that the holidays are nearly upon us-regardless, I'd like to think that you'd all like this case very much. Now please, go grab a coffee or something to wake yourselves up while you read the file and report back to me once you're done."

        This setup was obviously familiar with the small investigative team of eight. They would crowd around the hot beverage making machine, waiting one by one to collect their chosen hot drink. Then, they would sit on whatever sofa, chair or countertop they were used to, and the only sounds would be the flip of several different file papers being turned, drinks being sipped, and the occasional cough or stifled sneeze. 

        More or less half an hour later, once everyone had finished reading the file, the man that had spoken before stepped back into the room-though this time, much paler, wide eyed like a child, and had the air about him that told his students that he had most likely recently either thrown up, or had been drinking something very, very sweet.

        "I have been informed that we are not to be investigating this. There has been a disturbing turn of events that my bosses feel that this is too dangerous to even bother researching further. I'm sorry, but-but I shouldn't have involved any of you in this. I am afraid that our safety may have been breached by the unknown. Goodbye." He then turned and fled the room, giving no more explanation to his confused students.

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