Moonshine And Mistletoe

Moonshine & Mistletoe-the story of Willow Gullers brother who went missing several decades ago, pronounced dead by the police. The story of a man who never truly existed. The story of two siblings who were not born for the safety of the people around them. The people investigating will stay safe from the Gullers. Or will they?


2. Moonshine And Mistletoe.

Moonshine And Mistletoe: The Case.

Moonshine And Mistletoe was, at first, a simple missing persons case.

It has now expanded into a full blown Secret Expedition investigation, or as we know it, a 'Hippo' Case.

You will be investigating WHY it has become a Hippo Case-this file will contain the very basic background.

You may have heard some morbid rumours about this case, and unfortunately in rare cases like this one they are truth.

It started as a missing man-a Mr William Gullers. His twin, a Miss Willow Gullers, became more deeply affected by this the longer the police case carried on. After a decade of searching, the case was closed. Mr Gullers was, in the eyes of the police force, a dead man that had no hope of being found.

Miss Willow Gullers brought this forward to a close friend of ours, a Mr Beckett, as she had concerns that were rather horrific-Miss Gullers saw visions of her brother being tortured, over and over again, and commented that she felt scared. Miss Gullers asked Mr Beckett if it was in his job to investigate such doings like this.

This is where the Hippo Case gets quite interesting-Mr Beckett had never mentioned to Miss Gullers what his job was. When Mr Beckett went to search up Miss Gullers in the database, no results showed her. So he decided to search a little further-he had never really bothered to ask Miss Gullers about her childhood while she grew up, how life was like, etc.

When Mr Beckett looked for Miss Willow Gullers and Mr William Gullers, absolutely nothing came up. No known aliases of each Gullers came up. Technically, they weren't real. Never born. Never lived. Never truly existed. Apparently, where the twins grew up, it was a ghost town-there was no record of anyone ever living, or creating, such a place, even though it stood, perfectly structured of a picturesque scene.

This is the Hippo Case for section AB, under the guidance of Mr C. Wordsworth.

Good luck.

With Regards,

Mrs W.G.

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