Intelligence Can Corrupt

AU in which Jeanine Matthews manages to take over the city and overpowers Tris Prior and Tobias Eaton to win her superiority. It is not as terrible as everyone expected.


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Intelligence can corrupt; the same thing we Erudites yearn for, the exact virtue we hold in the highest esteem, can corrupt silently without our awareness, in the same sly manner that we naturally operate. Hence, we rarely notice it, and by the time that we do it feels so natural that we do not notice it, and we are so convinced that whatever we are pursuing is just and right. Others rarely understand this beauty, and they criticise and scorn us for our endeavours - because what we wish for in this frame of mind is rarely legitimately right. There are others of us that do not need this sly manipulation to get what we desire - and I am one of those people, knowing that what I am doing is legitimately right. Of course, achieving my goal thus far has earned me much dislike, or indeed hatred within this community. Having to do some immoral things is the price of my success, but other people - even some of my fellow Erudites - lack the intuitive nature required to comprehend the righteousness of my actions, because they don't know the facts. It is far too dangerous for them to know the facts, and the Abnegation were poised to release it. It's not about the silly little Divergents, it's about the fact that I have to keep this information concealed, and stop the action the information suggests, or risk the tyranny that follows.

Erudite has kept this information hidden away safely for years, and years, being able to keep Abnegation in check behind the scenes. My father, the last Erudite leader, let out not a whisper of the information. Nowadays, in what people could call my reign of terror (the Matthews family were never well liked by the other factions) everyone is whispering. Everyone is whispering about me and what I am hiding, why I would go to such lengths to controlling a faction to massacre another. But, they are simply more people that don't understand. All of my life's work has gone towards this same goal - my work on the simulation serums, my refinement of the aptitude test, my evident hatred of Divergents. It is not about them, and it is not really about me either; it is merely that they are obstacles between me and my goal of keeping the faction system stable in its formerly effortless naivete. Outside forces cannot come into my game of chess, not when I am the chessmaster - I am Jeanine Matthews, I take orders from no-one and I go to great lengths to make sure everybody's following mine. And that any insurgents are quickly discovered and disposed of. Every move I make is coldly calculated - people call me cold and calculated, and they'd be right; they merely don't know why, and I'm quite willing to let it stay that way.

Chicago has always existed in a hazardous balance - between peace and rebellion. I know that I am trying to restore the peace - it makes no sense, but sometimes you must make war to make peace. To snatch the power with my own two hands from the weakening, trembling palms of the misguided members of a corrupted Abnegation and help the city into a future of cool Erudite clarity. Fear overpowers all emotions except terror - and although the inhabitants are fearful now of the future I offer, once the Abnegation are disposed of sufficiently, the Dauntless dogs put down to reduce the trail and my tests on the Beatrice girl are finally successful and complete, I can execute my plan and rule the safer Chicago. As its leader, rather than Marcus Eaton (who mistreated his son and should never have been trusted or allowed to be let loose with such a responsibility. Right from the moment I met the grizzly, grouchy man as somewhat of his equal, I knew it was a mistake - so, I have always tried my best to discredit him. And now, we are on the precipice of disaster. I should have acted more drastically, and sooner, even if it meant a public assassination I could have controlled one of the Dauntless to dirty their hands. Now that I look back on it, I could have made better use of my Erudite intelligence.

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