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1. Chapter 1

“agh” Stephany yelled as the blade went through her skin, causing a few trickles of blood to hit the bathroom floor. She soon dropped the blade, not being able to go any deeper.

“I deserve it” she whispered through a cry.

A few hours later she saw her phone had 15 unread texts. And they were all from Jackson, her boyfriend. Jackson was 2 feet taller than her, and had the most pircing green eyes. He wasn’t just her boyfriend, he was her soulmate. They were like Cory and Topanga, meant to be. She looked down at her phone and read--

Hey Babe

Babe u ok?

Srsly u ok?

R U cutting again

Plz respond

Baby if your cutting,  just tell me

<3 I love you, never forget it



Stay Strong

Please Respond <3

I really love you

I don’t ever wanna lose you

Can i please come over?

I don’t care what you say, I’m coming over.


As if on queue her front door swung open. Stephany grabbed her jacket that she got from Jackson and put it on. She zipped it up as her bedroom door opened. Jackson looked right into her eyes and hugged her. When she pulled away, he turned to her bathroom. “ugh, Steph. you can’t do this,”

“But I have to…” before she could finish, Jackson interupted her. “no you don’t, you just don’t, everytime you do this you make me worry.”

“Jackson, you don’t need to worry…”

“YES, i do,” he took a breath, “I need you Stephany, I love you, you are my life, and...and” he stuttered.

“and I love you too, but I can’t stopped.. I’ve tried, I’m sorry.”

She looked at the floor, feeling more depressed than ever, wanting nothing more than her blade. When she looked up, she saw the worst thing she ever thought possiable. SHe noticed a single tear run down Jackson’s face as he picked up her blades. “Jackson… I’m Sorry” she whispered feeling guilty.

“Baby I really care about you, and this has got to stop” he said trying to hold back the tsunami inside him, as he put the blades in his backpack.

“Jackson,” she looked at Jackson. “no I care about you too much”

He grabbed his backpack and walked out the door to his car.

Meanwhile Stephany stood feeling lost, and not knowing what was going to happen next.

Two days later, Stephany was flipping out. All her mind could say was ERROR. Without being able to cut, she was going downhill, and fast. She had chose to block Jackson’s number on her phone, so that things wouldn’t get further out of hand.

Then came the third day, when she saw a moving van outside. All she could do was ask herself if she had paid her monthly rent.

Next thing she knew Jackson was jumping out of the back carrying empty boxes to her front door.

He set the boxes down at the door and rang the doorbell, Stephany looked down at her arms and noticed that they were beginning to heal. She went to the door, and opened it for Jackson to come in.

“Hey Jackson, wha-what are you doing here?”

He didn’t respond, and kept walking back to her room.


“What Steph, what do you want from me!!”

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to know why you are here, I didn’t think that you would want to come back after what happened.”

“You know that I would never leave you” he said dropping the boxes on her bed and walked over to her. He looked into her eyes and pulled away to kiss her on the cheek.

Stephany could feel herself turning red.

"I can't completely trust you, you're coming home with me" he whispered inches from her lips.

Stephany smiled,"I love you too". She leaned closer to fill the gap, but he pulled away.

"We have packing to do" Jackson said grinning. They went out to the truck to get more boxes, and began packing for the road ahead.


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