this is just a book of Tiny_The_Turtle(Destiny Brown)

some of this book is about my life but most of it is about cross country...i hope you guys like it:)


2. Cross Country

Cross Country is the thing that brought many of us together. The running was awesome, but I think it was the bonds we had that helped us do so well. Running with each other, and pushing each other to the finish. We had a lot of fun, especially on the bus rides. We'd bring each other food, and we'd take so many videos and selfies. It was a huge thing we had. We all miss it, and we miss the laughs we had. Here's some photos I took on the last bus ride home. They are not the best quality, but it was hard to take a selfie with a bunch of sugar-rushed teens. :) 

Here are some of before we got to our last meet. They're a little better!

Cross Country was something that brought us all together, and we love it. We helped each other through injuries, and bad days. We all disliked speed-workouts, but we pushed each other through that too. All of us plan to run next year too, because these memories are the best... -Kirsten

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