forgotten ll n.h

I'm just another forgotten person in his life, he's a celebrity, and I'm just his forgotten friend. No calls, text messages, face times, Skype, deep down inside is hating him bigger and bigger each time when I look at my phone screen to see if I have any notifications.

Niall Horan. One of the members of One Direction, biggest boy band in the world. He doesn't forget to call his mother while he is on tour but he does forget about me.

What have I ever do to him?


1. Prologue




  I wave one last good-bye to my best friend, trying my best stop crying in front of business men looking at me strange, while my best friend walks through the doors and stops to look at me and gives me a weak smile and a wave. I wave back and he exits the doors, I haven't stopped crying since we stepped foot in the airport building. My best friend since I can't remember is leaving to the X- factor boot camp. I can't believe he made it, his dream that he wanted to be a singer for years has finally been achieved.


I wipe the tears, I turn on my heels and walk out to where my old beat up car is. I unlock the drivers side door and set inside, I take my phone out to see if he hasn't called or texted me, nope. Is this a new way to say that he would not want me anymore? I wait a few more minutes just in case he texts me, still no message. A lump grows in my throat and  I feel unwanted already, I get my car keys and put it in the engine. I drive back home but before I do I need to buy food.


Nandos! No, that's Niall's favorite place, I pass Nanods and go to Taco Bell instead. I get a twelve pack and a Mountain Dew Slushi. Taco Bell is the best I stuff my face with all the tacos and finish the first half in a matter of five minutes.


I leave with the rest of food and ride back home, someone's car was parked there I wonder who it is. Must be some one close to my mother, my father is one of those drug addicts and a alcoholic. He never cares of what he does to my mother and I, the sickest part is that he snacks in my room in the middle of the night and rapes me. It really does terrifies me, I really never had a normal childhood. A lot of kids made fun of me of how I look, and it still goes on.


Niall would always help me when ever I'm in trouble, but now look at me I'm left alone no one to save me. Niall is gone and I dot know when he will be coming back, but I just wish the bet for him, make his dream come true. I park in the drive way and sit inside for a little, my phone vibrates and it's Niall.


"Hey love" It reads, should I text him back? Hell.


" Hi Ni" I respond back, he doesn't respond back and I turn off my old flip phone.


Maybe he just busy or he feel asleep in the plane, I get off of my car and walk inside the house, mum is in the kitchen making I walk past her and she calls my name making me turn around.


"Yes mum?"


"Sweetie, love. Have a seat I have to talk to you."


"Sure, what is it?"


"It's about Niall, I jut got off the phone with his mother and she told me to tell you that Niall will try his best to communicate with you. You know he will be very busy at boot camp right?" I nod my head.


"But.. but.." I fish for the right words but I can't seem to get them. Tears fill my eyes and they run down my check.


"I know sweetie. I know." She says rubbing my back and I get up from the chair and run to my room. I close the door in back of me and grab the nearest thing close by, I grab the vase Niall gave me when I was twelve. I grab the vase and throw it across the room. I stop and fall to the floor and have a breakdown.


"Please let this year go by fast." I say to myself calming myself.




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