forgotten ll n.h

I'm just another forgotten person in his life, he's a celebrity, and I'm just his forgotten friend. No calls, text messages, face times, Skype, deep down inside is hating him bigger and bigger each time when I look at my phone screen to see if I have any notifications.

Niall Horan. One of the members of One Direction, biggest boy band in the world. He doesn't forget to call his mother while he is on tour but he does forget about me.

What have I ever do to him?


4. One Week till he shows...



 Caution. This chapter contains cruel language, and few descriptive writing, If you can not handle this please stop reading this book.

"Yea I'm fine...thanks for calling in." I say in the speaker while Ben is in the other line. Ben knows everything, but I didn't tell him the part where I liked him.


"Do you want me to stay or--"



"No please stay..."



"Sorry Avery, I have homework to do. But I'll talk to you tomorrow."



"oh... ok, that's fine. Bye I love you."



"okay bye."



It's gonna be a week till he shows up, I'm not to happy, but I'm to pissed off. He's bringing his girlfriend while I'm here, he left me for someone else! Stop your being hypercritical, my subscriptions add, I have a boyfriend who I think cares for me and he has a girlfriend I have no idea who she is. I throw my head in my pillow and yell as hard as I can. Footsteps hurry up, and my door is trying to be open.


"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yell, I look at my mirror I could see my self I look very horrible. He is doing this to me. HE is ruining my life. I start to cry louder than before but the pain inside me never seems to stop.


I put on my shoes and grab my black sweater and quickly grab my phone. I grab the chair and put it under my door knob so no one can go inside. I look at myself in the mirror and wipe it with me sleeve of my sweater, I open the window and carefully put my foot on the ceiling of the roof. I walk across the roof and climb down the tree. I quickly and hurry to rush to Ben's house, I look behind me and I could see headlights coming my way. It stops beside me and the window rolls down.


"Hey there sexy jump in." the guy says. I look at him and turn around, I dig my hands in the pockets of the sweater. It follows behind me.


"Get it." I look over at the guy who has a gun in his hand, pointing at me. My eyes grow wide, I quickly think... RUN!


I run behind me the cold air hitting my face my hood falls and make a turn to a house and jump over the small fence. I keep running and twist my ankle making me fall, a few feet away I could hear a low growl.. Fucking great! I get up and try to run as fast as I can, I climb the back fence of Ben's house and walk my way to his window, it's open and he has a lamp on. I open the window, and I see a girl right beside him.




"You fucker!"


"Avery! What. What are you doing here?" he panics and the girl is startled and she grabs the blanket and walks up to me.


She extends her hand to shake mine.


"Hi I'm Hannah. Bens girlfriend."


"Hannah? I thought you were Bens cousin." I'm so confused.


"No your Ben's cousin he keeps your picture in his wallet."


"No. He keeps your picture there." she says.


I walk up to him," I'm glad I didn't have any sex with you. You bastard."  I say the tears running down my cheeks.


All of a sudden I go blank and he's on the floor, I wince in pain and look at my hand. I punched him! I hurry and climb out of his window. That was fun.



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