forgotten ll n.h

I'm just another forgotten person in his life, he's a celebrity, and I'm just his forgotten friend. No calls, text messages, face times, Skype, deep down inside is hating him bigger and bigger each time when I look at my phone screen to see if I have any notifications.

Niall Horan. One of the members of One Direction, biggest boy band in the world. He doesn't forget to call his mother while he is on tour but he does forget about me.

What have I ever do to him?


2. I'm okay... No I'm not.

 Three years later...


 I scroll down to my notification in twitter, people say I'm a fake or I'm a liar, they don't believe that I have known with Niall since we were so little, but no still no one listens. I've saw the whole season of X-factor I saw some shows in London to support my best friend. And what do I get? Nothing. Nothing at all, no text saying, "Hey! thanks for coming to the show, I appreciate it!"


He looked directly in the eyes while singing Moments, with a sad face. But this is what I get for doing something good.


He sent me a text message about a year ago, telling me Not to come to the shows, and doesn't want to see me ever again. Ouch. Yes, I cried every day, and yes I almost committed suicide because of him. But that's the past and now, now is the present. And I don't ever want to see him again. I take that back, actually. Niall's mum told me he has been stressed out the passed three years of being in One Direction, but when I saw the movie, he doesn't even looks stressed, non of the boys do. They- he is happy with me in his life.


I stopped bugging him around last spring, and he hasn't said anything since then, but sometimes I want to text him and tell him that he's such a tool, everything I've done for him, everything I went through! But I decided no to, I met a guy he's nice reminds me a lot of him but nothing compared to him. We've been talking since Winter and we he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes.


Why? Well I have been in a 'depression' in cases of which my mother says, and she loves him to death, but I don't love him the way I love Niall.



Present Day...


"So how 'bout... desert?" Ben asks me, looking at me, across the table moving his hand up to rest it on top of mine.


"Uh.. Sure. Cheesecake?" I offer.


"Of course." He smiles at me, he looks for our waiter and raises his hand, " Excuse me, we would like a cheesecake." The waiter nods and excuses himself.


"So? How did you like the food here?"


"It was..." Okay not better than nandos.


"It was great." He slides his hand back and shrugs off his jacket and puts it behind his chair, I pull my hair behind my ear and open my hand bag, looking through my phone, 1 missed call. I have to see who it is.


"Hey. I'll be right back, I'm going to the lady's room." I say putting my phone back and grabbing it, Benjamin stands up and like a gentleman he helps me get out of the chair. My long red dress is in the way, I pick the end with one hand, fast walking to the Women's room.


I push open the door and take my phone out, I slide it open and calls my mother?




"Mom? Something wrong?" I ask.


"No honey, I- I-I dialed the wrong number." voices fill in the background making it difficult to hear


"Oh. Okay." 


"I thought it was.. him."


"I'm sorry, Avery." She sighs and hangs up. A knot is building in my throat and a pool of tears fill my eyes. Tears run down and I began to cry, I grab a tissue's that are in a small table in the corner, man this restaurant is really fancy.


I wipe the tears and look at myself in the mirror. Thank god my make up isn't smeared. I through my phone in my bag and put some lipstick on, the bright red color fits well on me. I go back out in the dinning area and sit back down in our table.


"You okay?" he asks, I just nod.


"Yea, I'm okay... No I'm not..." I say. The waiter comes with our cake and sits it in the table, and Ben asks for check out. I eat almost the whole thing but Ben is here so I gave him the rest.




We walk out hand in hand the fresh smell of rain fills my nose, "Where to next?" he asks when we both climb in his car.


"I want to go home, please.'' I say quietly.


"Av? What's wrong." he says turning to me.


"Nothing, I'm fine." I say looking out the window.


"Obviously not."


"I'm fine." I say a little louder.


On our way back to my house, he walks me to my house and gives me a good night kiss, and leaves. I need to be alone, want to be alone.



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