forgotten ll n.h

I'm just another forgotten person in his life, he's a celebrity, and I'm just his forgotten friend. No calls, text messages, face times, Skype, deep down inside is hating him bigger and bigger each time when I look at my phone screen to see if I have any notifications.

Niall Horan. One of the members of One Direction, biggest boy band in the world. He doesn't forget to call his mother while he is on tour but he does forget about me.

What have I ever do to him?


3. he's what...?

I walk in the house and find my mum and dad in the living room, my father in his computer, and my mother reading her novel.

"Avery..?" My dad calls me I take my small sweater off.

"Yes? What is it." I ask

"Please sit. You might want to." I insist not to.

"Or you can stand." He says, my mother looks up from her book. My mum stands and closes her book and sits it on top of the coffee table. What do they need.

"We got a phone call, when you were... Out." My mom starts, I'm confused.


"It's about-" it's about him.

"Niall." My head sinks, and I fiddle around with the button of my sweater.

"He is coming—"

"Coming?" I scoff, " after what? 2 years he decides to come?! Come now!" I shout this is totally bologna.

"Please—" I cut her off.

"No mum, I've found someone to replace him—"

"He's not coming by himself." My father says, I gasp.

"Not coming by himself..." I repeat. What do they mean.

They say almost reading my mind, "he's coming with his girlfriend, Barbra." My mum says, this is total shit. I run upstairs and almost tear my beautiful dress into two.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck." I didn't no I was crying.

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